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Pretty AI for solving real world problems

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  1. Deep Learning API and Server in C++11 support for Caffe, Caffe2, PyTorch,TensorRT, Dlib, NCNN, Tensorflow, XGBoost and TSNE

    C++ 2.2k 517

  2. DeepDetect performance sheet

    Python 89 13

  3. Forked from BVLC/caffe

    Caffe: a Fast framework for deep learning. Custom version with built-in sparse inputs, segmentation, object detection, class weights, and custom layers

    C++ 35 21

  4. Forked from Alfredvc/paac

    Deep Reinforcement Learning with Fined Grained Action Repetition

    Python 21 7

  5. FluidNet re-written with ATen tensor lib

    C++ 43 7

  6. This is the source code of the backend and online parts of the IK Prize 2016 Recognition projects with Tate Britain, Fabrica and Microsoft

    JavaScript 6


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