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Object detection demo

This is a small demo of object detection via the Python client.

It uses a pre-trained VOC0712 model to detect 21 different classes of objects in images. A bounding box is returned for every detected object, along with its class and a confidence.

To run the code on your own image:

  • Install the pre-trained model:
mkdir model
cd model
wget https://deepdetect.com/models/voc0712_dd.tar.gz
tar xvzf voc0712_dd.tar.gz
cd ..
  • Start a DeepDetect server:
  • Try object detection on an image
python objdetect.py --image /path/to/yourimage.jpg --confidence-threshold 0.1


  • The VOC0712 model originates from https://github.com/weiliu89/caffe/tree/ssd and may not be very accurate on standard pictures

  • You can predict over batches of images with only slight modifications of the Python code of this demo