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from fabric.api import task, env, shell_env
from fabric.operations import local, _shell_escape, settings
from functools import wraps
from fabric.context_managers import quiet
from fabric.colors import green, yellow
import os
import re
from sys import platform
# This will be used to prefix all docker objects (network, images, containers)
env.project_name = 'app'
# This is the host directory containing your PHP application
env.project_directory = 'app'
# This will be all your domain name, separated with comma
env.project_hostnames = 'app.test'
def with_builder(func):
def decorated(*args, **kwargs):
compose_files = env.compose_files[:]
env.compose_files = ['docker-compose.builder.yml'] + env.compose_files
ret = func(*args, **kwargs)
env.compose_files = compose_files
return ret
return decorated
def build():
Build the infrastructure
command = 'build'
command += ' --build-arg PROJECT_NAME=%s' % env.project_name
command += ' --build-arg USER_ID=%s' % env.user_id
def up():
Ensure infrastructure is sync and running
docker_compose('up --remove-orphans -d')
def start():
Be sure that everything is started and installed
if env.dinghy:
machine_running = local('dinghy status', capture=True)
if machine_running.splitlines()[0].strip() != 'VM: running':
local('dinghy up --no-proxy')
local('docker-machine ssh dinghy "echo \'nameserver\' | sudo tee -a /etc/resolv.conf && sudo /etc/init.d/docker restart"')
print green('You can now browse:')
for domain in env.project_hostnames.split(','):
print yellow("* https://" + domain)
def install():
Install frontend application (composer, yarn, assets)
# docker_compose_run('composer install -n --prefer-dist --optimize-autoloader')
# run_in_docker_or_locally_for_dinghy('yarn')
def cache_clear():
Clear cache of the frontend application
# docker_compose_run('rm -rf var/cache/', no_deps=True)
def migrate():
Migrate database schema
# docker_compose_run('bin/console doctrine:database:create --if-not-exists', no_deps=True)
# docker_compose_run('bin/console doctrine:migration:migrate -n', no_deps=True)
def builder():
Bash into a builder container
def logs():
Show logs of infrastructure
docker_compose('logs -f --tail=150')
def stop():
Stop the infrastructure
def down():
Clean the infrastructure (remove container, volume, networks)
docker_compose('down --volumes --rmi=local')
def run_in_docker_or_locally_for_dinghy(command):
Mac users have a lot of problems running Yarn / Webpack on the Docker stack so this func allow them to run these tools on their host
if env.dinghy:
local('cd %s && %s' % (env.project_directory, command))
def docker_compose(command_name):
localEnv = {
'PROJECT_NAME': env.project_name,
'PROJECT_DIRECTORY': env.project_directory,
'PROJECT_HOSTNAMES': env.project_hostnames,
with shell_env(**localEnv):
local('docker-compose -p %s %s %s' % (
' '.join('-f ' + env.root_dir + '/infrastructure/docker/' + file for file in env.compose_files),
def docker_compose_run(command_name, service="builder", user="app", no_deps=False):
args = [
'run '
'--rm '
'-u %s ' % _shell_escape(user)
if no_deps:
args.append('--no-deps ')
docker_compose('%s %s /bin/bash -c "exec %s"' % (
' '.join(args),
def set_local_configuration():
env.compose_files = ['docker-compose.yml']
env.user_id = int(local('id -u', capture=True))
env.root_dir = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
if env.user_id > 256000:
env.user_id = 1000
with quiet():
docker_kernel = "%s" % local('docker version --format "{{.Server.KernelVersion}}"', capture=True)
docker_kernel = ''
if platform == "linux" or platform == "linux2" or docker_kernel.endswith('linuxkit-aufs'):
env.dinghy = False
elif platform == "darwin":
env.dinghy = True
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