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👨 Yeoman Generator for Symfony2 projects with sensible defaults and frontend tools.
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JoliSymfony - Symfony2

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generator-joli-symfony is a Yeoman Generator to scaffold Symfony2 projects with sensible defaults, common bundles and frontend tools.

It will create a new Symfony project, remove Assetic and replace it with either Gulp, Grunt or Brunch.



Mandatory dependencies :

Optional dependencies :

What you can choose

Default workflow

  • Installs Symfony
  • Removes Assetic for versions lower than 2.8
  • Only if using grunt-less or grunt-babel or grunt-compass: (grunt-contrib-watch)
  • Only if using grunt-typescript or grunt-coffee or grunt-babel : (grunt-uglify)
  • Only if using gulp-ruby-sass (gulp-watch)
  • Only if using gulp-ruby-sass or gulp-javascript (gulp-rename, gulp-sourcemaps)
  • Only if using gulp-ruby-sass or gulp-less (gulp-minify-css)
  • Only if using gulp-javascript or gulp-coffee or gulp-typescript or gulp-babel (gulp-uglify, gulp-concat)
  • Starts the automatic execution of bower and npm after scaffolding has finished.

Assets location

Assets are stored in the app/Resources/ folder :

  • app/Resources/scss
  • app/Resources/fonts
  • app/Resources/...

Getting Started

  • Install: npm install -g yo
  • Install: npm install -g generator-joli-symfony
  • Run: yo joli-symfony --force


generator-joli-symfony is fork-friendly : you can maintain a custom version, in which you npm install && npm link so that you can still use it with yo joli-symfony, or with the name of your choice.

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