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🍏 Simple wrapper to Symfony Go Binary for multi-app
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pomdok 🍏

Simple wrapper to Symfony Go Binary for multi-app.

This README does not aim to explain Symfony binary, if you want more details you can read the article I made to introduce it or official documentation.

Installation πŸ’Ύ


You can install this binary through Homebrew:

brew tap jolicode/pomdok
brew install pomdok

Or you can follow linux way below πŸ‘‡


Download last release, extract it and you'll have the binary. I suggest you to put it in /usr/local/bin/ to be easier to use but you can do whatever you want 🀷

Getting started πŸš€

First you need a configuration file in your project root as following:

  tld: 'test'
    - domain: 'api.project'
      path: '/apps/api'
    - domain: 'www.project'
      path: '/apps/front'
    - domain: 'admin.project'
      path: '/apps/back-office'

You'll need atleast tld field and one project to have a valid configuration.

To init pomdok for your project run:

pomdok init

You can add --config=configuration.yaml option if your configuration file is not in current folder with default name pomdok.yaml.

Then to start your applications πŸŽ‰

pomdok start

And to stop them:

pomdok stop



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Troubleshooting πŸ€•

Everything working but I have untrusted https

This tool does not run symfony ca:install command since it needs sudo. This install local certificate authority. Just run it and you'll have trusted https for you apps πŸ˜‰

Commands πŸ› 


pomdok init

Will sync your project with Symfony binary configuration. This command can run anywhere inside your project tree, it will search in current directory and will goes into parent one if nothing and again and again until finding your project configuration.


pomdok start

Will start symfony proxy if needed and all your apps


pomdok start

Will stop all your apps


pomdok check

Will check your OS and needed binaries:

  • OS: should be Linux or Darwin (MacOS)
  • PHP: you need local php installation
  • Symfony: and the symfony binary πŸ˜‰


sudo pomdok install

Will install all needed binaries :

  • PHP: from apt or brew depending on OS
  • Symfony: with wget command ⚠ This command obviously needs sudo or being logged as root.
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