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Welcome to the Jolie open source project!

What's Jolie?

Jolie is a service-oriented programming language, designed to offer native abstractions for the development of microservices. See our website for more information and installation instructions.

Have you made something in or for Jolie? Please submit it to our awesome Jolie list!

Documentation 📔

See for documentation on how to program with Jolie.

For documentation on the interpreter, see

Roadmap 📈

You can check our roadmap to see what's staged for the next release.

Contributing 💻

Jolie is an open source project based on community effort. Contributions and constructive discussions are always welcome, and we encourage you to join us! There are many ways in which you can contribute, including coding, improving our documentation, helping out with newcomers, or even event organisation.

Interested in contributing? Please check our contribution and organisation guide.

All interactions regarding the Jolie open source project are expected to follow the code of conduct.

Our contributors 👍

Thank you to all our contributors!

Code status 🧐

Language grade: Java Java CI

Get in touch 👋

Discussions can take place over different media.


Join our Discord server

Join our Discord server.