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A Jolie package manager


Two configuration files are required to be present on the system:

  • rc.yaml: A configuration file containing authorized logins for the web interface as well as misc. configuration options.
  • servers.yaml: A list of package repositories prefixed with their protocol e.g. "sodep://location:port"

These two files must be located in /home/USERNAME/.jpm/ Example files are included in the "configs" directory.

Starting servers

Two package servers are included: one HTTP server and one SODEP server. The servers are located in the "core_server" and "extra_server" folders. Simply cd to their respective directories and run

jolie main.ol

Running the command line interface

To use the command line interface, make sure the servers are running, then cd to the "client" folder and run

jolie cli.o [COMMAND] [ARGS]


    Updates the package database.
    Must be run before running any other commands.

install [PACKAGES]
    Installs one or more packages.
    Example: "jolie cli.ol install username cowsay"
search [QUERY]
    Lists all available packages matching QUERY.
    Lists all installed packages matching QUERY.

Running web client

As with CLI client make sure servers are running, then cd to the "client" folder and run

jolie web.ol

The command line interface can then be accessed at localhost:4000.

To log in use the following credentials:

  • username: admin
  • password" hunter2

unless credentials in rc.yaml have been changed.

Making packages available to Jolie

To make packages accesible to Jolie the launcher in /usr/bin/jolie must be changed to the following: (replace [USERNAME])



java -ea:jolie... -ea:joliex... -Djava.rmi.server.codebase=file:/$JOLIE_HOME/extensions/rmi.jar -cp $JOLIE_HOME/lib/libjolie.jar:$JOLIE_HOME/jolie.jar jolie.Jolie -l ./lib/*:$JOLIE_HOME/lib:$JOLIE_HOME/javaServices/*:$JOLIE_HOME/extensions/*:$JPM_DATA/lib -i $JOLIE_HOME/include:$JPM_DATA/include "$@"