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Yet Anther Library for Node.js to manage background execution
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Yet another wrapper around the child_process.spawn call supported by Node.js.

There are a lot of other, similar libraries for Node.js out there, that do similar things (as this is a very common problem). This particular one fits my problem set, as it

  • Allows for multiple backrounds works to be created.
  • Uses "require" to manage the code in the sub-modules.
  • Allows users to implement code that is compatible with the child_process.fork call available with v0.5.*.
  • Child processes can use console.log and other console function; the logs are printed by the main process.

Here is exampe for a master:

var util = require("util");
var backgrounder = require("backgrounder");
var worker = backgrounder.spawn("./worker");

worker.on("message", function(message) {
    console.log(util.inspect(message, false, 100));

    "title": "hello world!",
    "flag": true

This could be the code of the client:

var util = require("util");

console.log('Started the working');

process.on('message', function(message) {
    console.log('Worker received: %s', util.inspect(message, false, 100));

        "received": message
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