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Return an array containing all recursive files and directories under a given directory, similar to Unix find. Follows symlinks. Bare-bones, but very fast.

Similar to wrench.readdirSyncRecursive, but adds trailing slashes to directories.

Not to be confused with node-walk, which has both an asynchronous and a synchronous API.


yarn add walk-sync


const walkSync = require('walk-sync');
const paths = walkSync('project')

Given project/one.txt and project/subdir/two.txt, paths will be the following array:

['one.txt', 'subdir/', 'subdir/two.txt']

Directories come before their contents, and have a trailing forward-slash (on all platforms).

Symlinks are followed.


Sometimes, it is important to get additional information from a walk of a directory; for instance if the downstream consumer needs to stat the files we can leverage the stats from the walk.

To accommodate, walkSync.entries(path [, options]) is also provided, instead of returning a list of files and/or directories it returns an array of objects which correspond to a given file or directory, except with more data.

entry.mode  // => fs.statSync(fullPath).mode
entry.size  // => fs.statSync(fullPath).size
entry.mtime // => fs.statSync(fullPath).mtime.getTime()

entry.isDirectory() // => true if directory


  • globs: An array of globs. Only files and directories that match at least one of the provided globs will be returned.

    const paths = walkSync('project', { globs: ['subdir/**/*.txt'] });
    // => ['subdir/two.txt']

    As an alternative to string globs, you can pass an array of precompiled minimatch.Minimatch instances. This is faster and allows to specify your own globbing options.

  • directories (default: true): Pass false to only return files, not directories:

    const paths = walkSync('project', { directories: false })
    // => ['one.txt', 'subdir/two.txt']
  • ignore: An array of globs. Files and directories that match at least one of the provided globs will be pruned while searching.

    const paths = walkSync('project', { ignore: ['subdir'] })
    // => ['one.txt']
  • includeBasePath (default: false): Pass true to include the basePath in the output. note: this flag is only for walkSync(..) not walkSync.entries(..)

     const paths = walkSync('project', { includeBaseDir: true });
     // => ['project/one.txt', 'project/subdir/two.txt']


walkSync(baseDir) is a faster substitute for

glob.sync('**', {
  cwd: baseDir,
  dot: true,
  mark: true,
  strict: true