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This is the gr-chaos package.

This is a toolkit for implementing chaotic modulations with GNU Radio.

This code is the reference software used in the paper:

  G. Kaddoum, J. Olivain, G. Beaufort Samson, P. Giard, F. Gagnon,
  "Implementation of a Differential Chaos Shift Keying
  Communication system in GNU Radio, International Symposium on
  Wireless Communication Systems (ISWCS), August, 2012.

See also examples available in the gr-chaos/examples directory.

Before trying to build gr-chaos, install depencies, for example, on a
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS system:

    sudo apt-get install git build-essential gnuradio gnuradio-dev cmake swig

Then, to build and install gr-chaos:

    git clone
    mkdir gr-chaos/build
    cd gr-chaos/build
    cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr ..
    make -j$(nproc)
    make test
    sudo make install

Then, to open an example:

    gnuradio-companion ../examples/grc/dcsk_demo.grc

The example should open a FFT sink showing the channel. After few
second of execution, the demodulator should create a file named
"output.txt" containing repetition of string "Hello GnuRadio!".

This project was started from templates generated with gr_modtool
3.7.1.  It should now be straightforward to add new blocks using the
"gr_modtool add" command, and answer questions interactively.  You can
also use command line arguments to gr_modtool.  For example, to add
the new "better_dcsk_mod_cbc" block, use the command:

gr_modtool add \
  --block-type=general \
  --block-name=better_dcsk_mod_cbc \
  --argument-list="int n_samples" \
  --add-python-qa \

For more information, please refer to the gr_modtool documentation.
A good starting point could be:

Feedback and comments are welcome !

Julien Olivain <>


Chaotic communication blocks for GNU Radio







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