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Chaotic communication blocks for GNU Radio
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This is the gr-chaos package.

This is a toolkit for implementing chaotic modulations with GNU Radio.

This code is the reference software used in the paper:

  G. Kaddoum, J. Olivain, G. Beaufort Samson, P. Giard, F. Gagnon,
  "Implementation of a Differential Chaos Shift Keying
  Communication system in GNU Radio, International Symposium on
  Wireless Communication Systems (ISWCS), August, 2012.

See also examples available in the gr-chaos/examples directory.

How to build and install gr-chaos:
(Assuming you have development tools and GNU Radio already installed)

git clone git://
mkdir gr-chaos/build
cd gr-chaos/build
cmake ..
sudo make install

Feedback and comments are welcome !

Julien Olivain <>
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