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MultiROM is a one-of-a-kind multi-boot solution. It can boot android ROM while keeping the one in internal memory intact or boot Ubuntu without formating the whole device. MultiROM can boot either from internal memory of the device or from USB flash drive.

XDA threads:

###Sources MultiROM uses git submodules, so you need to clone them as well:

git clone system/extras/multirom
cd system/extras/multirom
git submodule update --init

It also needs libbootimg:

git clone system/extras/libbootimg

###Build Clone repo to folder system/extras/multirom inside Android 4.x source tree. You can find device folders on my github, I currently use OmniROM tree for building (means branch android-4.4-mrom in device repos). MultiROM also needs libbootimg ( in folder system/extras/libbootimg. Use something like this to build:

. build/
lunch full_grouper-userdebug
make -j4 multirom trampoline

To build installation ZIP file, use multirom_zip target:

make -j4 multirom_zip