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Happy Teams

Video @ RubyConfTaiwan 2014:

I want to build Happy Teams, and be part of Happy Teams.

How can I do that? Is there a formula?

Having worked with a number of Startups in the last couple of years, I have experienced and seen first-hand how practices (or lack of) can affect the emotional well-being of a Team.

In the spirit of the Joel Spolsky's Test, I thus came up with my own highly-opinionated checklist for building Happy Teams, which shall also serve as guiding principles for my own Team in the future.

Think about it. What makes you happy/unhappy in your current Team? I would love to get Pull Requests for suggestions on what you believe would make a Happy Team.

You might want to use this checklist:

  • To review your current company's practices
  • As a benchmark for the next company that you want to join

The Checklist

  • Hire For The Right Fit
  • Realistic Planning
  • Open Communication
  • Daily Status Updates
  • Code Review / Pair Programming
  • Code Style Guides
  • Write Tests
  • Continuous Integration / Deployment
  • Automation
  • Team Learning Activities
  • Retrospectives / Feedback Sessions
  • Go Home

Created by Winston. Let's all be happy!


😀 A Happy Team practices all/most of these. Let's all be happy!



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