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Obtain Prosperity and Foster a Spirit of Abundance

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Real wealth doesn't just relate to your financial situation. Genuine wealth includes a spirit of abundance and gratitude for the true riches in your life. That's what makes you really prosperous on

How do you obtain a mindset of success and prosperity? What simple practices and habits can you build into your life to cultivate a spirit of abundance? We invite you to create wealth generating spaces in your week when you visualise your prosperity goals coming into being. Consciously and actively nurture your resources.

Consider the characteristics that describe your current state of wealth. What do prosperous, successful people do and how do they do it? How many of these characteristics do you already have and which will you develop?

Celebrate and appreciate the assets you already have

You already have a lot to be grateful for, even in the worst of times, so wherever you are and whatever your circumstances, allow yourself to move away from feelings of scarcity and lack to the contentment of abundance.

Do you want a better car? Lavish some care and attention on your old banger and be grateful that it gets you from A to B. Can't even afford an old car? Apply your gratitude to the bus or train or even to your legs!

Appreciation of what you have, even when it seems far from your ideal, is a more resourceful state than "poor old me", and frees you to begin to make the changes you need to create prosperity and abundance.

Simple things you can do to use your assets to create more abundance

  • Investigate and choose the best way to save money to make it work to create abundance
  • Invest even just a little so you can reap the rewards of a calculated risk and prosper
  • Promote yourself at work so that your natural skills and talents are displayed like the jewels they are
  • Work out the most effective fitness regime for you, one that gives you maximum results with maximum enjoyment

This week think about one aspect of your life where you might have become complacent and decide on the first step you will take to make your resources work harder and smarter.

Now create a compelling outcome for yourself that will enable you to become more prosperous and foster a spirit of abundance. Make sure your true wealth outcome is clear to you. Write it down, draw a picture, meditate on it - whatever works for you.

Remember to state your wealth goal in positive terms. It's important to focus on what you do want rather than what you don't want. Make your assets work for you to obtain the prosperity that will enable you to foster a spirit of abundance.

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