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Jolocom SDK

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Jolocom Software Development Kit - Facilitating applications to manage and interact with digital identities.

Interested in our vision? Take a look at our whitepaper

The Jolocom SDK is a toolkit for managing SSI Agents and the interactions carried out between them, allowing services and clients to work together seamlessly with minimal trust assumptions and maximum security. For optimal utility and interoperability, the SDK builds upon implementations of the following specifications:

The SDK is composed of a few core concepts which work together to provide a framework for making use of Decentralized Identities, and provides an interface to the SSI ecosystem via Agents and Interactions. It is designed to streamline the creation, validation, authentication and processing of signed messages in order to facilitate different protocols enacted between Agents. Messages created by Agents are secured by the security mechanism of their chosen DID Method.

The SDK itself functions as an Agent Factory. It manages a storage connection and a collection of registered DID Methods, providing storage access and resolution capabilities to the Agents which it creates.


Check out the documentation at for examples and guides: