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Jolokia JavaScript client

This repository holds the JavaScript client library for accessing Jolokia from the browser. It requires jQuery 1 or 2, or zepto.

It provides the following highlights:

  • Full support of the Jolokia protocoal:
    • READ and WRITE requests
    • EXEC operations
    • LIST of all MBeans
    • SEARCH for MBeans
    • NOTIFICATION support
  • Asynchronous and synchronous operations
  • Scheduler for periodically sending Jolokia requests
  • Simplified API for simple use cases
  • Cubism.js support
  • Notification support for the pull and sse mode.

Gulp Build System

The build uses gulp and knows the following tasks

Task Description
clean Cleanup everything
start Start a Tomcat 8 server with a Jolokia 2.0.0 agent attached
stop Stop a previously started server
test Run the QUnit Testsuite with Phantom.js
demo Start the Tomcat server and open browser to the demo page

These task also support the following options

Option Description
--jvmAgent Use the JVM instead of the WAR agent
--pollInterval How long to use the poll interval for scheduler when doing the tests (default: 500ms)
--version Jolokia version to use for the agent (2.0.0-M1 by default)
--supportLib Which support lib for the tests should be used: jquery-1, jquery-2 or zepto


# Run whole test suite with the Jolokia WAR agent
gulp test

# Tests with the JVM agent
gulp test --jvmAgent

# Start the server, open the default browser at http://localhost:8080/demo
gulp demo

Soon to come:

  • Bower packaging
  • Abstracting jQuery away (which is used for doing the Ajax call)
  • Support for node.js as client (currenlty a Browser environment is required)
  • Internal modularization of the code
  • Including java-simple.js into jolokia.js
  • More examples
  • Dedicated documentation

It is intended to be a drop in replacement for the Jolokia 1.x client and can be used with a Jolokia 1.x client, too (obviously not for the new notification support).

The new one ...

This here is the new location of the Jolokia 2.0 JavaScript client. For the 1.x series it is part of Jolokia itself. The most up-to-date documentation can still be found in the Jolokia Reference Manual but will gradually be moved to this repository.

The new 2.0 features of the JavaScript client are:

  • Notification support
  • New build system with automatic setup of the test environment
  • Automated integration tests with QUnit and Phantom.js
  • CircleCI integration