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#!/usr/bin/env perl
use strict;
use warnings;
@ARGV || die 'Must provide tags as arguments';
my @andnottags;
my @andtags;
my @ortags;
for my $arg (@ARGV) {
if ($arg =~ /^([-+]?)(.+)$/) {
if (!$1) { push( @ortags, $2 ); }
elsif ($1 eq '-') { push( @andnottags, $2 ); }
elsif ($1 eq '+') { push( @andtags, $2 ); }
my @clauses;
if (@ortags) { push @clauses, '('. join(' OR ', map("tag:$_", @ortags)). ')'; }
if (@andnottags) { push @clauses, join(' AND ', map("NOT tag:$_", @andnottags)); }
if (@andtags) { push @clauses, join(' AND ', map("tag:$_", @andtags)); }
my @command = ('mdfind', '-onlyin', './');
push @command, join(' AND ', @clauses);
#print 'Running: '. join(' ', @command). "\n";
system( @command );
=head1 NAME
tagsearch - searches a Mavericks system for tagged files and directories
=head1 USAGE
> tagsearch project1 project3
./Documents/Work/Project 1 Intro
./Documents/Work/Project 1 Data
./Documents/Work/Project 3 Data
./Documents/Work/Misc Project Contents
> tagsearch project1 project3 -contacts
./Documents/Work/Project 1 Intro
./Documents/Work/Project 1 DATA
./Documents/Work/Project 3 Data
> tagsearch project1 project3 -contacts +data
./Documents/Work/Project 1 Data
./Documents/Work/Project 3 Data
This script will produce commands for mdfind, searching the current
working directory and deeper for files and directories tagged as
specified by the script's arguments. By default, items containing any
of the specified tags will be returned. Adding a - before a tag will
ensure items do not contain that tag. Adding a + before a tag will
ensure that items must contain that tag.
For instance, running "tagsearch +fruit -tropical green red orange"
will return green, red, and orange fruit that are not tropical.
Assuming you've chosen logical tags, of course.
Tag modifiers can be in any order.
=head1 AUTHOR
Joel Rosenberg
=head1 LICENSE
This library is free software. You can redistribute it
and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.
The author assumes no warranty for the software. Use at your own risk.