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Amnesia-io integration for Sublime Text 3.

This package allows you to share code via directly from the editor, and copies a share link to your clipboard. is an ephemeral code sharing service with nice collaboration and privacy features. Read more about it at

Also available for Atom



  • Copy into a folder in your Packages directory (under Preferences -> Browse Packages...)
  • Not currently in Package Control


The amnesia command by default will share the current selection, or if none and multiple cursors, the active lines, or if one cursor, the entire current file.

You can choose what to share with the following args:

  • file - Share the content of the entire current buffer.
  • selection - Share the current highlighted selection.
  • line - Share the current line.

Default key mappings are as follows:

Windows Linux OSX
Share Selection/Lines/File ctrl-alt-shift-a ctrl-alt-shift-a cmd-alt-shift-a
Share File ctrl-alt-shift-f ctrl-alt-shift-f cmd-alt-shift-f
Share Selection ctrl-alt-shift-s ctrl-alt-shift-s cmd-alt-shift-s
Share Line ctrl-alt-shift-l ctrl-alt-shift-l cmd-alt-shift-l

To edit go to Preferences -> Package Settings -> AmnesiaIO and copy a command from Key Bindings - Default to Key Bindings - User to overwrite it.



Available settings and their default values are shown below.

      # How long will hold on to your code snippets in seconds
      ttl: 6000,

      # Syntax highlighting format which will be used if it cannot be discerned
      # from your file name
      defaultFormat: "bash"


To edit, clone into your packages directory and edit

  git clone
  cd amnesia-atom