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project acorn

Project Acorn Theme Build Status License: GPL v2

Version 1.1.0

An optinionated theme for WordPress.

Requires at least: 4.0
Tested up to: 5.4
Stable tag: 1.1.1


This theme was built as a launching point for discussion around what is necessary for the web, how we can improve basic functionality of a WordPress theme, and how we can potentially improve performance all around with some modification of how we approach our script and styles.




I've built an opinionated WordPress theme with the following features:

  • Function namespacing.
  • Compiling with WebPack.
  • Section-specific SCSS (below) and normalization with Sanitize and linting with Stylelint.
  • Vanilla JavaScript with ESLint.
  • SVG support.
  • Write all styles in PX, and handle the proper unit conversions after the fact with PostCSS Unit Conversion.
  • WordPress Blocks styles support.
  • Accessible Off-canvas or Inline menu navigation.
  • Accessible global full-page search.

Opinionated Elements

These are all the basics, but what makes it more opinionated are the following key features.

  • IE11 is not supported. I didn't go out of my way to avoid IE11, but I did not build it with IE11 support in mind. It's about time we give up on trying to accomodate an older, outdated, and potentially unsecure browser.
  • SVGs are controlled inline via the inc/social-icons.php file. No need to worry about an external or inlined svg file.
  • The inc/scripts.php file enqueues scripts and styles based on the location desired. No longer needing to load everything on every page all the time. Entrypoints handled in the webpack.config.js file. Only load what you need for that page, both styles and javascript.
  • Nesting depth of the navigations are limited to 1. No more dropdowns. I believe that if your data architecture is properly considered, you won't need it. This helps us be a little bit more a thoughtful with our pages.
  • Removes widget support. Widgets feel like a crutch over adding content programatically. Should you desire to add this feature back, you can do so with this function.
  • I've removed the dependency on jQuery unless it's required by WordPress to function (when the admin bar is present).

Theme Options

In customizer there are two features available.

  • Show/hide the search functionality.
  • Show/hide inline-navigation. The default is inside the off-canvas drawer.

Default Menus

  • Primary Will display in the off-canvas drawer or inline based on the Customizer setting.
  • Social Displays in the footer. Requires that the link name match one of the following supported icons: Facebook, Github, Twitter, Dribbble, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, Tumblr, Pinterest, Vk, Skype, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Github, Slack, Email.

screenshot 2019-02-14 14 14 45

Adding new icons.

Adding new icons can be done by hooking into the social_icons filter. You can get that code here social_icons gist.

 * Add custom icon to social media support.
 * @param array $social_icons array of social icons.
 * @return array new social icons array.
function add_social_icon( $social_icons ) {

  $custom_icons = array(
      'apple' => '<svg version="1.1" xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 320 384.1" xml:space="preserve"><title>' . __( 'Apple', 'acorn-theme' ) . '</title><path d="M237.6,89.9c-33.6,0-47.8,16.5-71.2,16.5c-24,0-42.3-16.4-71.4-16.4c-28.5,0-58.9,17.9-78.2,48.4c-27.1,43-22.5,124,21.4,193c15.7,24.7,36.7,52.4,64.2,52.7c0.2,0,0.3,0,0.5,0c23.9,0,31-16.1,63.9-16.3c0.2,0,0.3,0,0.5,0c32.4,0,38.9,16.2,62.7,16.2c0.2,0,0.3,0,0.5,0c27.5-0.3,49.6-31,65.3-55.6c11.3-17.7,15.5-26.6,24.2-46.6c-63.5-24.8-73.7-117.4-10.9-152.9C289.9,104.2,263,89.9,237.6,89.9L237.6,89.9z M230.2,0c-20,1.4-43.3,14.5-57,31.6c-12.4,15.5-22.6,38.5-18.6,60.8c0.5,0,1,0,1.6,0c21.3,0,43.1-13.2,55.8-30.1C224.3,46.2,233.6,23.4,230.2,0L230.2,0z"/></svg>',

  return wp_parse_args( $custom_icons, $social_icons );
add_filter( 'social_icons', __NAMESPACE__ . '\add_social_icon', 10, 1 );

Getting Started

Clone the repo into your themes directory.

$ git clone acorn-theme

Drill down into the new theme and install all the dependencies.

$ cd acorn-theme
$ npm install

If you're using VSCode I might also suggest a Workspace settings that look like this:

	// The name or path of the coding standard to use. Defaults to the one set in phpcs global config.
	"phpcs.standard": "WordPress",

	"phpcbf.standard": "WordPress",

	"sasslint.enable": false,

	// ESLint Configuration.
	"eslint.options"     : {
		"configFile": "../.eslintrc"

Using Acorn Theme as your own starter theme

At this time, if you want to use the Acorn Theme as a starter theme, you'll want to replace all occurances of the following with your theme name throughout:

  1. Search for ACORN_ to capture the theme constants.
  2. Search for 'acorn-theme' to replace the text domain.
  3. Search for "acorn-theme" to replace the PHPCS text domain.
  4. Search for acorn_theme_ tto replace the all the function names.
  5. Search for Text Domain: acorn-theme in style.css.
  6. Search for acorn-theme to replace the DocBlocks.
  7. Search for acorn-theme- to replace the prefixed handles.


Out of the box there are several scripts that can be used for development and production to make your life a little easier.

Build all files for production as well as your .pot file:

$ npm run build

Dev mode. Browsersync hot reloading and unminified scripts and styles:

$ npm run watch

Just want to lint your Scss and JavaScript? No problem:

$ npm run lint

You can fix those problems with:

$ npm run lint:fix

And handle all of that language .pot (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ by itself:

$ npm run wp-pot


  • Add Theme Hooks.
  • Add E2E Testing.
  • Inline PHP SVG optimization.
  • Automated prefix/namespace/text domain replacement.



  • Initial Release


  • Bugfixes


  • Updates namespacing
  • Adds grid units to stylint whitelist
  • Updates editor styles for WP 5.4
  • Updates readme
  • Addresses vulnerabilities in dependencies