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ON/OFF Abilight+Hue (Switch) component for Philips Ambilight TV's
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Philips TV Ambilight+Hue (Switch) Component

A Switch component for automating the control of the Ambilight+hue setting on a Philips TV, this reveals the current status of the menu setting to Home Assistant, and allows for remote or automated toggling.


Option 1: (recommended)

This repository is compatible with the Home Assistant Community Store (HACS).

After installing HACS, install 'Philips Ambilight+Hue' from the store, and use the configuration.yaml example below.

Option 2: (manual)

If you have already set up the Ambilight (Light) component, installing this component is very simple, copy the philips_ambilight+hue directory into your config/custom_components/ directory, enter the same username and password as for the ambilight component in the configuration.yaml, along with the IP of the TV, and restart home assistant:

If you have not setup any other Philips TV components, use the tool linked in the Ambilight (Light) component docs to obtain your username and password.

  - platform: philips_ambilight+hue
    name: Ambilight+Hue
    host: 192.168.1.XXX
    username: !secret philips_username
    password: !secret philips_password
    scan_interval: 5

note: there is often a noticeable lag between Home Assistant sending the request to toggle the setting, and receiving a status update from the API, for this reason, it is advised that you reduce your scan_interval (in seconds) to suit your needs.

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