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It's an extension for Radiant CMS. It allows for a page to be copied (or moved) under a new parent.
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  • Created by: Andrea Franz – – andrea AT gravityblast DOT com
  • Current version merged from other forks, refactored and extended by: Andrew vonderLuft – avonderluft AT avlux DOT net


This extension adds a Copy/Move action to the Radiant Page Index administration interface near the ‘Add child’ button. With this extension you can copy or move a page with or without its children.


  • 2.3.x – 03/2011 – merged updates from other forks, refactored; Radiant 1.0 or greater – Andrew vonderLuft
  • 2.2.0 – 10/2010 – Radiant 0.9.1 compatible – Benny Degezelle


From the Radiant Extension Registry

  1. From your RAILS_ROOT run:
    script/extension install copy_move
  2. Restart your app
    NOTE: In some earlier versions of Radiant, the assets may not be copied and you may therefore need to run:
    rake radiant:extensions:copy_move:update

From Github

  1. From your RAILS_ROOT run:
    cd vendor/extensions
    git clone git:// ./copy_move
    cd ../../
    rake radiant:extensions:copy_move:update
  2. Restart your app

Using the gem

  1. Install the gem
    gem install radiant-copy_move-extension
  2. Update your Radiant config: add to environment.rb with the other gem.configs
    config.gem ‘radiant-copy_move_-extension’, :lib => false
  3. Copy assets
    rake radiant:extensions:update_all
  4. Restart your app

Requirements for very old versions (you really should upgrade)

For Radiant versions < 0.6.7 You need the shards extension

  • Open the environment.rb and set shards as first extension to be loaded:
    config.extensions = [ :shards, :textile_filter, :markdown_filter, :all ]

Radiant versions >= 0.6.7 and greater have Shards built in.


See the HELP.rdoc

For larger sites, you may want to exclude certain pages from coming up in the “new parent” select for performance and/or usability reasons.
There are 2 options:

1/ Create a page field called “exclude_children_from_copy_move_target” to not display it’s children in the list.
2/ Set Radiant::Config[“copy_move.exclude_archive_children”] to true to not display children from ArchivePages


  • Benny Degezelle
  • Mario T. Lanza
  • Daniel Collis-Puro
  • Sean Cribbs
  • Andrew vonderLuft


This extension contains icons from the FamFamFam Silk icon set. See

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