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= Tags extension
Created by: Keith Bingman -
Revived by: Benny Degezelle -
New features by: Jim Gay -
This extension enhances the page model with tagging capabilities, tagging as in "2.0" and tagclouds.
== Requirements
This extension depends on the has_many_polymorphs plugin (included in vendor/plugins)
If you're still on Radiant pre-0.6.7, then the shards_extension should be installed and loaded first.
You can change the load order of extensions in config/environment.rb (see
== Installation
=== Using RubyGems
`gem install radiant-tags-extension`
add the following line to your environment.rb
config.gem 'radiant-tags-extension'
=== Classic style
1. Copy the extension to your vendor/extensions directory as you would any other extension or use `script/extension install tags`
2. Run 'rake radiant:extensions:tags:install'
3. Make a page to sit in /search/by-tag, and give it the "Tag Search" pagetype.
If you want to change this location, it's in Radiant::Config['tags.results_page_url'].
Here's a sample results page to get you started;
<h2>I couldn't find anything tagged with "<r:search:query/>".</h2>
<h2>Found the following pages that are tagged with "<em><r:search:query/></em>".</h2>
<li><r:link/> - <r:author/> - <r:date/></li>