DPC 2018 Workshop on deriving an application by coding from examples
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DeliverTo - Courier System

DeliverTo is a Service that picks up an item for delivery from a given address and delivers it to another address.

We are aiming to build a booking API for this service (although we will start by creating purely the domain model)

Customers book a delivery with DeliverTo giving the time they want the item to be picked up, pickup address and dropoff address.

DeliverTo takes the bookings for deliveries and schedules its couriers according to business rules.

DeliverTo tries to schedule a courier and sends a message back to the customer with a confirmation or rejection.

The system schedules the courier with details of what address to pick up from, the time pickup was booked for and the address to delivery it to (The mechanism for making the courier of the updates to their schedule is beyond the scope of this exercise)

If more than one courier can make it to the pickup address on time - the courier closest to the pickup address is scheduled to pickup.

If couriers cannot make it to the pickup address on time - the customer is told that booking cannot be taken.

Couriers go about 20 kilometers an hour

Additional features, if time allows and you want to deal with more complicated business rules:

  • ETP's can be up to an hour later than the customer requests.
  • Customer gets notified if their pickup is more than 30 minutes late.
  • Couriers confirm picking up (or failure to pick up) the parcel, delivering (or failing).


Some context: Customer James wants to deliver a parcel from A1 to A2 at 14:00 Distance from A1 to A2 is 20 miles (an hours journey)

Courier can make it & is scheduled
James books a delivery for 13:00,
the couriers last dropoff is at 12:00 -
and 20 km from James`address
therefore =>
He makes it on time - and is scheduled
for 13:00 picking up from James
Booking is rejected - courier is busy
James books a delivery for 13:00,
the courier last dropoff is at 12:00 -
and 20 km from James` address
therefore =>
He can't make it - and is not scheduled
James is told booking cannot be taken

A Gherkin Example

Given courier Nick is in Utrech 10 miles from Amstedam away and available from 13:30 When James books the delivery from Amsterdam to Den Haag for 13:00 Then James should receive confirmation of a 14:00 parcel pickup And the courier Nick should be schedule to delivery from A1 for 14:00

Advanced Examples

Given customer James has booked a delivery at 14:00 from A1 to A2 And the distance from A1 to A2 is 20 miles When customer Brad books a delivery from B1 to B2 at 14:00 And the distance of A2 to B1 is 10 miles Then Brad should receive confirmation of a 14:00 parcel pickup

Scenario: Next customer is notified if pickup expected late Given Brad was given confirmation of parcel pick at 14:00 from address B1 And address A2 is 20 miles from address B1 When courier Nick drops off James' parcel at 13:30 at address A2 Then Brad should be told that his pickup will be 30 minutes late