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|					CS 457/ Lab 2 workout									 |
|								Team: ThreeCP								 |
1. Pratik Guha Ray
2. Jonathan Eckstein
3. Mark Jablow
4. Rebecca Mui

* How to build ?
  Run make all to make build awget and stepping stone. 
  Run make awget to build awget module alone.
  Run make ss to build stepping stone module alone.
  Run make clean to clean up the build file. 

* How to run the project?
  Run awget by ./awget <url> -c <chain file path> where 
  chain file path is optional paramemter i.e. default chainfile will be used if
  not specified.
  Run ss by ./ss -p <port> where port is optional argument. If not specified 
  default port 9090 will be used.

* Project strcuture
  The below tree diagram shows the project file details.

├── chaingang.txt
├── makeawget
├── makefile
├── makess
├── ReadMe
├── src
│   ├── awget
│   │   └── awget.cc
│   ├── client
│   │   └── client.cc   
│   ├── common
│   │   ├── awget.h
│   │   ├── client.h
│   │   ├── stepping_stone.h
│   │   └── util.h
│   └── stepping_stone
│       ├── file_retriever.cc
│       ├── runss.cc
│       ├── service_handler.cc
│       ├── ss_client_interface.cc
│       └── stepping_stone.cc

* Stepping stone call flow:
	- runss.cc reads command line argument and starts the stepping stone with 
	  requisite parameters.
	- stepping_stone.cc is the startup module and binds the server to appropriate
	  address and port based on address information lookup.    
	- service_handler.cc is the service interface for stepping stone and encapsulates 
	  the business logic to receive and handle client request under concurrent thread.
	- file_retriever.cc provides wget abstraction and downloads file from web location.
	  It also relays the file to downstream client.
	- ss_client_interface.cc is the client interface for intermediate stepping stone.
	  It forwards the request to upstream stepping stone and relays the content downstream.
	-awget.cc reads the command line interface to accept the web URL and chainfile path.
	 It reads the configured chain file and prepares the request for stepping stone.
	-client.cc accepts the request prepared by awget.cc and determines the next random
	 stone to send the request. Once the file is relayed, client saves the file to local disk. 
	- awget.h has the protocol specific request data structure
	- util.h has utility method signature
	- stepping_stone.h has stepping stone specific API declaration
	- client.h has clinet specific API declaration