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Please note that this file is an extension of the one contained in the standard webtrees project, so please read the latter carefully beforehand. You can find a copy on the Github repository.

This documentation focuses specifically on the customisations and modules implemented for the GeneaJaubart website.



  • webtrees-geneajaubart: webtrees for the GeneaJaubart website
  • Copyright (C) 2009 to 2021 Jonathan Jaubart.
  • Derived from webtrees - Copyright (C) 2010 to 2021 webtrees development team.
  • Derived from PhpGedView - Copyright (C) 2002 to 2010 PGV Development Team.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

See the GPL.txt included with this software for more detailed licensing information.


Initially user of PhpGedView, I started developing some customisations and personal modules in 2009 in order either to fill some gaps in features or to adapt the software to my liking. This is when the Rural theme was first created for instance.

When the main PGV developers moved to create webtrees, I slowly migrated my code to the new platform, taking advantage of the evolved architecture to refactor some of the modules.

Following the further code evolutions in the version 1.7.0 of webtrees, I decided to split the library part of my code from the main webtrees-geneajaubart package, as well as renaming the modules from the too generic Perso prefix, to a more branded name: MyArtJaub (a rather bad pun on my surname...).

My personal and professional constraints have not allowed me to provide the same level of support as I used to, nevertheless I have always wished to share my changes with the general webtrees audience. I was maintaining an SVN repository on Assembla, but since the migration of webtrees to Github, I have as well created the current Git repositories.

Please read carefully the instructions below, as some modules need changes in the core code, hence cannot be just added to a standard webtrees installation.

Jonathan Jaubart

List of Perso modules


  • Rural theme

Mandatory modules:

  • MyArtJaub Hooks (myartjaub_hooks)
    • Allows hooking MyArtJaub modules in core code more easily.

Available modules:

  • MyArtJaub Administrative Tasks (myartjaub_admintasks)
    • Runs administrative tasks on a scheduled manner.
  • MyArtJaub Certificates (myartjaub_certificates)
    • Alternative management of certificates supporting sources.
  • MyArtJaub Geographical Dispersion (myartjaub_geodispersion)
    • Provide geographical dispersion analysis on Sosa ancestors.
  • MyArtJaub Miscellaneous Extensions (myartjaub_misc)
    • Placeholder module for miscellaneous extensions.
  • MyArtJaub Patronymic Lineage (myartjaub_patronymiclineage)
    • Alternative to Branches page (created before the latter).
  • MyArtJaub Sosa (myartjaub_sosa)
    • Module to manage Sosa ancestors, and provide statistics.
  • MyArtJaub Sources (myartjaub_issourced)
    • Provides information about the level and quality of sourced for records.
  • MyArtJaub Welcome Block (myartjaub_welcome_block)
    • Merge of standard welcome and login blocks, with display of Piwik statistics

General notes

Please note that the modules are translated in English and French only. Other languages will display English texts where no translation is available in the standard webtrees.

Translations files are located under each module folder. You can then use the /modules_v3/*module_name*/language/fr.php file as a template to translate missing expressions in other languages.

webtrees-geneajaubart relies heavily on the webtrees-lib library for most of its code. The latter then needs to be included, which can be done through the standard composer commands.

webtrees-geneajaubart is not guaranteed to work nicely with other custom modules or themes.

Even though they are supposed to be catered for, standard themes other than the Rural theme might present weird displays or alignments. Please contact Jonathan Jaubart to report it.

System requirements

It is required to run at least PHP 5.4 to be able to run the webtrees-lib library. Except the above, webtrees-lib shares the same requirements and system configuration as a standard webtrees installation.

For a correct installation, you need to have composer installed on your computer.


The installation is similar to the standard webtrees one.

You need however to select the modules you wish to use. They are two ways to do so:

  • Either install the whole code, then enable only the ones required in the module administration page;
  • Or not copy the corresponding myartjaub_ folders under the /modules_v3/ folder.

Please remember that the myartjaub_hooks is required for most of the modules.


  1. Download latest stable version from the webtrees-geneajaubart Github repository.
  2. Unzip the files.
  3. Open a command line terminal, and navigate to the root of the newly created folder.
  4. Run the following command:
    composer install --no-dev
    You should then have folders in the /vendor/ folder.
  5. If you do not want some modules, delete them from the /modules_v3/ folder (except myartjaub_hooks).
  6. Upload the files to an empty directory on your web server.
  7. Open your web browser and type the URL for your webtrees site (for example, into the address bar.
  8. The webtrees setup wizard will start automatically. Simply follow the steps, answering each question as you proceed.
  9. Upload or create a GEDCOM file.

You should now have a pretty much standard installation of webtrees.

Some additional steps are required to complete the specific webtrees-geneajaubart steps:

  1. Log in, and go to the control panel.
  2. Under the Module tab, open the Module Administration page.
  3. Find the Hooks module, and click on the link to access this module's configuration.
  4. Once the page is opened, the modules hooks will be registered and activated. If you wish, you can then enable/disable some hooks, or change their priorities.
  5. Equally, from the Module Administration page, you can access the configuration pages for the modules which offer configuration settings.

The basis for webtrees-geneajaubart is now complete. Further configuration might be required for specific modules.


The automatic upgrade process introduced in webtrees is not integrated with modules, hence cannot be used with webtrees-geneajaubart (even though the logic has not been removed). Hence, DO NOT USE the automatic upgrade mechanism.

  1. Take a backup of your installation (follow standard backup procedure).
  2. Download the latest version of webtrees-geneajaubart available from webtrees-geneajaubart Github repository
  3. While you are in the middle of uploading the new files, a visitor to your site would encounter a mixture of new and old files. This could cause unpredictable behaviour or errors. To prevent this, create the file data/offline.txt. While this file exists, visitors will see a “site unavailable - come back later” message.
  4. Open a command line terminal, and navigate to the root of the installation folder.
  5. Run the following command:
    composer install --no-dev
  6. If you do not want some modules, delete them from the /modules_v3/ folder (except myartjaub_hooks).
  7. Upload the files to your web server, overwriting the existing files.
  8. Delete the file data/offline.txt.


A package containing all the files can be generated for distribution, via the Robo task runner.

There is however a conflict between the minimum version of PHP required by Robo 2.1 (for which the tasks have been written), and the one defined in the Composer file. As a consequence, for webtrees-geneajaubart 1.7 no version constraint is set on the consolidation/robo library, even though 2.1 is actually required. This needs to be changed locally before generating the package.

To generate thecomposer.lock file for commits
composer require consolidation/robo:* --dev --no-update
composer update
To run the packaging tasks
composer require consolidation/robo:^2.1 --dev --no-update
composer update --ignore-platform-reqs

.\vendor\bin\robo package 1.7.18

That should generate a ZIP archive in the ./build/ folder.

Then restore the initial state:

git checkout -- composer.json composer.lock
composer install


General questions on the standard webtrees software should be addressed to the official forum

You can contact the author (Jonathan Jaubart) of the webtrees-geneajaubart project through his personal GeneaJaubart website (link at the bottom of the page).