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###New! Amazing-er Maps Presentation!

There's a lot of bad unique maps out there.

The goal of the Amazing-er Maps project is to improve the one - off maps shared endlessly across the internet. By using GitHub as the repository, we can open the data sources used in these maps, while improving their cartographic quality.

An interactive map, via MapBox, ArcGIS Online, CartoDB, or some other resource would be the ideal delivery method, but a project file from desktop software and an image export will do as well.

To add a new map to this repo:

  • Store all files in folder named after the map
  • Must include data source (pdf, csv, etc - preferred) or link to durable source
  • Must include GeoJSON of data (small sets) or zipped shapefile (large sets)
  • Map project file (TileMill, ArcMap, QGis)
  • Link to online map or image of new map
  • Add read me to folder including: map name, general location, website found on, website link, source name, source link
  • Update the main repo MapTracker csv

I've created 7 examples based on some "amazing" maps.

I'm also creating How To's for anyone with a general knowledge of how maps and data are created to use:

Please suggest/comment/ask and contribute, definitely contribute.