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If you are not familiar with Monero start here:

In Monero, 'churning' is the process of sending a wallet's entire balance back to itself. Since Monero transactions are private, this process has the benefit of increasing user privacy. Read more about what is churning?

The script automatically churns your funds multiple times in a selected time interval.

Start a wallet RPC server

To use the script you must have a wallet rpc server running. If you're running monero daemon on your local machine, you can start a wallet rpc server by running:

monero-wallet-rpc --disable-rpc-login --wallet-file <your_wallet_name> --rpc-bind-port 18082 

If you connect to a remote node you should add --daemon-address <host>:<port>

You can also run the server with authentication enabled by omitting the --disable-rpc-login flag, and providing username+password as arguments to the script.

Start churning

After you have rpc server running (assuming on localhost:18082) you can start churning with the default parameters by running:


You can choose the churn parameters according to your paranoia level. You should read the help of the script to see the different parameters:

python3 --help

Logs are written to a file churn.log in the current directory.

Tip Jar

Donations are greatly appreciated.
Monero address: 4D4HpbmA9VJPjJHutYjZtsb7zBhJQc4CodAd5ujsxxVPjHtQ8ELKTgwJig64wEzFry9NWnm47t4jcWMH4cM2FjLZNjmtcvVAUxj67Ud5Z8