Layout problems when using zoom and "Fit to width" in Opera #16

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Sometimes I need to zoom the text to be able to read it. But sometimes this breaks text flow so I would need to use horizontal scrollbars. That's OK, I usually solve this using Opera's nice feature: "Fit to width", which somehow forces text to flow within the borders of window--even at cost of (hopefully minor) layout problems.

However, on, turning on this feature when zoomed results in weird behavior. Not only that text is not wrapped correctly, but the main container (I guess the with id="centre_column") disappears when I scroll to the top of the page.


  1. start Opera
  2. go to (any page)
  3. zoom to 150%
  4. turn on "Fit to width" feature


  • text is not wrapped correctly
  • if you scroll to the top, main container (with text and navigator header) disappeard


  • text is wrapped correctly
  • all elements are displayed correctly (to some extent—layout does not have to be guarranteed with this feature)


  • I'm using Opera 11.61 on Windows 7 amd64.

I have recorded a video ilustrating this issue. I'm not sure if I can attach it to github, though, so I uploaded it to my server:

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