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This archive contains the source code for the website,
which holds the core documentaion for Perl in HTML and PDF formats.


  perl --output-path /path/to/output
  perl --output-path /path/to/output
  perl --output-path /path/to/output


Please be aware that this software was written for the specific purpose
of generating the website, and not to solve generic
problems like "convert a directory of Pod to HTML" or "produce documentation
for Perl and all modules installed on my system". However, the templates,
CSS, and conversion routines should give you a head start should you wish
to write a more generic tool.


Unless stated otherwise, all files are Copyright (C) 2008 Jon Allen and
distributed under the terms of the Artistic License version 2.0.

The Perl Onion logo is a trademark of The Perl Foundation. See for usage details.

A modified copy of the Pod::POM module is included in the lib/ directory.
Pod::POM is Copyright (C) 2000-2002 Andy Wardley and distributed under the
same terms as Perl itself.


Jon Allen (JJ) <>
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