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Use internal API to warn and fail

I like this much better - using those raw fail and warn calls never sat
well with me and Rubocop wasn't a big fan either!
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jonallured committed Aug 26, 2016
1 parent b91386e commit 9ca11d66b5bb53530fc8abe6c1a753711af40a72
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  1. +2 −4 lib/commit_lint/plugin.rb
@@ -53,13 +53,11 @@ def check(config = {})
def check_messages
for message in messages
for klass in warning_checkers
warn klass::MESSAGE if message
messaging.warn klass::MESSAGE if message
for klass in failing_checkers
# rubocop:disable Style/SignalException
fail klass::MESSAGE if message
# rubocop:enable Style/SignalException klass::MESSAGE if message

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