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Module for integrating a track's trajectory in a field, whether magnetic, electric, combined electromagnetic, or also including gravity or other forces.
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Field Propagation for Geant4 (and soon GeantV)

Recent Contributors:

  • John Apostolakis (CERN)
  • Somnath Banerjee (GSoC 2015 contributor)
  • Jason Suagee (GSoC 2015 contributor)
  • Sandro Wenzel (CERN)
  • Quichen Xie (GSoC 2014 contributor)

Summary of Goals (GSoC 2015):

  • Add integration Runge-Kutta methods (integrators), with additional capabilities including FSAL (first same as last) and interpolants (method to evalue the integrand at an intermediate point);
  • Implement modern integrators with higher efficiency (DormandPrince 5/4, Bogacki Shampine 5/4, Verner);
  • Introduce new general Nystrom RK methods - ie ones for ODEs with the first derivative in the right hand side;
  • Enable vectorisation for one or multiple tracks.

An extended description of the 2015 GSoC project goals can be found at the Wiki page

Started from two sources:

  • the Geant4 magneticfield category / directory
  • the refinements / improvements created by Quichen Xie (GSoC 2014), supervised by Sandro Wenzel, aided by John Apostolakis



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