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It's the easiest way to add a search engine in your flask application on the shoulders of Pony ORM and Whoosh. To prove this, we've included some templates to render the search engine. Just checkout the example.


  • The natural way:
$ pip install flask-ponywhoosh
  • Using the source:
$ git clone
$ cd flask-ponywhoosh

If you are using python 2:

$ make install-py2

If you are using python 3:

$ make install-py3

A small example

Download the source of this package:

$ git clone
$ cd flask-ponywhoosh

Then, you can run the example running these commands:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ python runserver

You will see in the shell some outputs showing settings of flask-ponywhoosh (debug mode is on by default). We provide two urls by default:

  • <localhost>/ : the form of the search engine
  • <localhost>/database : raw content of the test database

<localhost> is often


Customize the templates, URL routes and other stuffs, please checkout the documentation on:


Adding what fields of your models in your database you want to search.