An Abstracting Abstract Machine (AAM) Approach to Static Taint Analysis of Event-driven Scheme Programs
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Taint analysis

run with: -f file.scm -m AAM -d -l MustTaint

Abstract Machine Experiments with Scala


The goal of this artefact is to experiment with abstract machines and language semantics with the theoretical framework described by Might, Van Horn and Johnson (Abstracting Abstract Machines, Abstracting Abstract Control, Pushdown Control-Flow Analyses).


To find out about the architecture of the implementation, look at the comments on the top of Main.scala (src/main/scala/Main.scala). They will bring you to other parts of the code that are worth seeing.

When doing modification to the source code, you can run the test suite to test your changes by running sbt test. It should take a few minutes to run everything and will report which tests are failing if there are any.


Use sbt to launch the program. Once sbt is launched and has installed the dependencies, you can perform the following:

run -h # Shows the possible options
run -f test/fact.scm # Performs abstract interpretation on fact.scm
run -f test/fact.scm -l Concrete -c # Performs concrete interpretation on fact.scm
run -f test/fact.scm -m AAM # Use the AAM approach (default one is Free)
run -f test/fact.scm -m AAC # Use the AAC approach
run -f test/fact.scm -l Type # Use the type lattice (default one is TypeSet, which is more precise than Type)
run -f test/fact.scm -m AAM -d # Output the state graph in
run # Launches a REPL that performs interpretation of the input