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Donation Platform for WooCommerce

Open Source Donation System for Your Charity, NGO or Personal Fundraising Campaign

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Donation Platform for WooCommerce unleashes the power of WooCommerce for your online fundraising, crowdfunding & donation management.

Top Features

Donation Platform for WooCommerce

Donation Platform for WooCommerce unleashes the power of WooCommerce for your online fundraising, crowdfunding & donation management.

Donation Platform for WooCommerce: Fundraising & Donation Management Is the Best Fundraising Solution for Your Charity

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to collect donations online. WooCommerce is one of the most widely used tools for online shops; helping businesses make billions in sales. Donation Platform for WooCommerce unleashes this power for your online fundraising, crowdfunding, crowdsponsoring & donation management. Thanks to the comprehensive ecosystem around WooCommerce, Donation Platform for WooCommerce is the most powerful online fundraising & donor management solution. Features such as regular donations, automatic donation certificates and highly converting donation forms round off the comprehensive fundraising platform.

This fundraising & donation plugin is a free alternative to tools like Patreon, Donorbox, GoFundMe or GiveWP. There are no platform fees or subscriptions.

100% free, open source and no platform fees. There are no paid extensions for Donation Platform for WooCommerce.

Fundraising & Donation Features

Note: Donation Platform for WooCommerce: Fundraising & Donation Management turns WooCommerce into a donation system, parallel use as a normal store is not recommended, as some wording has been changed.


For whom is Donation Platform for WooCommerce suitable?

  • Charities
  • Individuals who wish to fundraise online (for example for weddings, birthdays etc.)
  • Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs)
  • Political Fundraisers
  • Foundations, Clubs & NGOs

Fundraising & Donation Collection: Recurring Donations, Donation Receipts & more

Donation Platform for WooCommerce: Fundraising & Donation Management is a powerful and versatile fundraising solution for your charity. A large part of the fundraising features arise through the use of WooCommerce, which allows your charity to benefit directly from the incredibly diverse ecosystem around it. Thanks to its extensive features, the Fundraising & Donation Platform is suitable for charities, non-profit organizations, political fundraisers, individuals and more.

  • Recurring Donations To Your Charity: Using Subscriptions for WooCommerce (free extension) or WooCommerce Subscriptions (premium extension) you can charge your donors on a regular basis in order to reliably fund your projects.
  • Express Donations We live in fast times. If your donors want to use the Express Line, they can complete a donation via Apple Pay / Google Pay / PayPal in just 20 seconds.
  • Donation Receipts: Donation Platform for WooCommerce provides a template for your charity to automatically issue donation receipts.
  • Free Donations: There are no paid extensions for Donation Platform for WooCommerce: Fundraising & Donation Management. However, this does not apply to all extensions for WooCommerce.
  • Fee Recovery: Donors have the option to cover transaction costs.
  • Open Source Fundraising: Donation Platform for WooCommerce: Fundraising & Donation Management is open source software released under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2.0
  • Own Your Fundraising Data: All donation data belong exclusively to your charity and are under your full control. You are not tied to any other company that handles the donations for you.
  • Privacy Friendly Donations: WooCommerce and WordPress include privacy tools that make it easier to handle Right to Access and Right to Erasure requests from donors. This allows you to easily comply with regulations such as GDPR or CCPA.
  • Donation Account page: Every donor can create an account with your charity and manage their donations there.
  • Donation & Fundraising Management: Thanks to WooCommerce’s advanced donation, donor & customer management, you can easily oversee all donations.
  • Integrated Evaluations: WooCommerce helps you collect more donations through the Analytics Dashboard.
  • Fundraising Accounting: Exports and more help you with the annual financial statements, among other things.
  • CRM: CRM solutions like Salesforce, Hubspot or Zoho CRM integrate with WooCommerce. So you can easily integrate the donation platform into your charity's existing systems.
  • Fundraising Accounting Software: Migration made easy: with WooCommerce you can easily continue to use your existing accounting software.
  • Fundraising Marketing: Newsletter tools such as Mailchimp or Mailpoet can be integrated into the donation form.
  • Analyse your Fundraising Success: Use analysis tools such as Google Analytics or Matomo and more to optimize the donation process.
  • Shipping Providers: If you want to send a gift to donors as a thank you, you can use the existing integrations with shipping services.
  • Social Proof Fundraising: Increase fundraising engagement by using Fomo plugins, Social media integrations and more.
  • Credit Card Donations: Accept donations through credit cards with Stripe or benefit from Revolut’s low rates.
  • PayPal Donations: Use the PayPal integration out of the box and reach the hundreds of millions of potential PayPal donors.
  • Direct Bank Transfer Donations: The cheapest transaction fees and the great popularity make bank transfers extremely interesting as a payment method.
  • Local Payment Options: With 100+ payment gateways, there are also many local payment methods that you can use to better reach your target group.
  • Gorgeous Fundraising Designs: Donation Platform for WooCommerce comes with 5 different beautiful and simple designs.
  • Custom CSS Donations: You can use your own css to integrate the donation form seamlessly into your fundraising website.
  • Custom Donation Templates: You can even adapt the templates and thus completely adapt the fundraising & donation form to your own wishes.
  • Pop-Up Donation Form: The donation form comes with a pop-up mode to collect donations even more elegantly.
  • Custom Donation Checkout: Adapt the donation form fields to your requirements
  • Localize your Fundraising: With tools like Loco Translate you can use the donation & fundraising plugin in any language.
  • Use any Currency for Fundraising: WooCommerce supports any currency and with extensions even multiple currencies can be used at the same time.
  • Extendable Fundraising: Hit the keys and adapt everything to your charity's needs, your creativity (and programming skills) are the limits.
  • API: WooCommerce offers a REST API
  • Webhooks: Use Webhooks to get Fundraising Notifications in real time.
  • Developer Friendly Fundraising: You can use Actions & Filters to change to layout, design und behavior of your donation platform. Because WooCommerce is so widely used you can find a WooCommerce developers with ease.

Donation Platform for WooCommerce: Fundraising & Donation Management: Motivation

Why does the world need this donation & fundraising plugin for WooCommerce? Hands down, WooCommerce is the most mature eCommerce solution. It is supported by all other major systems (CRM, Analytics, Marketing, Accounting and more) and offers numerous possibilities to customize the behavior to your needs.

So it doesn't make sense to reprogram all the features already implemented by WooCommerce for a donation and fundraising platform again and worse. Instead, you just customize the look and in some places the behavior of WooCommerce and you get a comprehensive fundraising, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and donation solution for your charity.

Problems? Feel free to open a ticket in the WordPress Support Forum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for being an early adopter of Donation Platform for WooCommerce: Fundraising & Donation Management! I'm working hard to improve your experience and add new features. If you find any issues, please reach out to me to ask any questions or file feature requests.

Will my theme work with Donation Platform for WooCommerce: Fundraising & Donation Management?

Probably. Unfortunately, many themes add a lot of custom styles to the WooCommerce checkout, some of them may compete with the CSS of Donation Platform for WooCommerce: Fundraising & Donation Management and you get weird results.

Will my WooCommerce extension work with Donation Platform for WooCommerce: Fundraising & Donation Management?

Probably. I cannot test every WooCommerce extension out there. Donation Platform for WooCommerce: Fundraising & Donation Management uses WooCommerce filters & actions to change the behaviour and appearance of WooCommerce. When other plugins also use these hooks they may interfere with each other.

Does Donation Platform for WooCommerce: Fundraising & Donation Management support every WooCommerce feature?

No. For now, it primarily focuses on customer facing behaviour and appearance that is crucial for the donation & fundraising platform.

Why is only one donation form allowed per page?

Since WooCommerce and other plugins like payment gateways don't assume that there are multiple checkouts on a page, you might run into problems otherwise.

How can I set up recurring donations?

To set up recurring donations, please also install Subscriptions for WooCommerce (free plugin) or WooCommerce Subscriptions (premium extension). Here you can find detailed instructions on how to set up recurring donations: Set up recurring donations

How can I generate donation receipts automatically?

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips is a free and open source WordPress plugin you can use to send out your tax-deductible receipts & thank you certificates. Please follow this guide to set up donation receipts: Set up donation receipts


Donation Platform for WooCommerce unleashes the power of WooCommerce for your online fundraising, crowdfunding & crowdsponsoring




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