Logistic Regression prototype using FRESCO
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Logistic Regression prototype using FRESCO

An early prototype for implementing Logistic Regression in the FRESCO framework. This uses Secure Multi-Party Computation to calculate a logistic regression on a combination of datasets from multiple parties, without disclosing the datasets between parties.

Development setup:

  1. Checkout this repository in a directory called fresco-logistic-regression.
  2. Checkout out our fork of FRESCO. It has some small changes to FRESCO that haven’t landed in the main repo yet. Make sure that you check it out in a directory called fresco that is right next to fresco-logistic-regression.
  3. Start Intellij and open the directory fresco-logistic-regression
  4. When prompted, update Kotlin plugins. You need at least version 1.1 of Kotlin.
  5. Check that Kotlin compiler is set to version 1.1. Go to Preferences > Build, Execution, Deployment > Compiler > Kotlin Compiler and make sure that both ‘Language version’ and ‘API version’ are set to 1.1.
  6. When prompted, enable auto-update of the fresco maven projects.
  7. when prompted, select a project SDK. You might need to tell Intellij where to find the Java SDK.

You should now be able to run the unit tests by right-clicking on Fresco-Logistic-Regression > src > fresco and select ‘Run Tests in fresco’