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The development of this project has been put on hold due to show stopping issues with libspotify that I don't have the energy to try to work around. I wrote a rant about it in a blog post with a follow-up here.

As Spotify says they plan to release a new library sometime later this year and then I might resume development.

If someone still would like some feature or such please go ahead and create an issue and/or pull request here on GitHub and I'll see what I can do.


This plugin adds support for playing spotify tracks in VLC media player. The code should be seen as a prototype and I can't claim that it is "work in progress" since I don't really know if I will further develop it into something useful. Please fork! :)


I did this to play around with libspotify and VLC.



Get an appkey from spotify and copy it to src/appkey.c. View and edit the Makefile in the src/ directory if necessary.

For linux

Type make. Copy the src/libspotify_plugin.so to the vlc access plugins folder, possibly /usr/lib/vlc/plugins/access

For win32

The plugin is cross-compiled using mingw. Please note that the win32 version of VLC is needed and it will not work with the 64 bit version due to Spotify not providing a 64 bit library for Windows.

Unzip the libspotify zip file (from spotify) somewhere and set the $LIBSPOTIFY_WIN32_DIR to that base path. Copy extras/libspotify.def to the same directory as the libspotify.dll, ie $LIBSPOTIFY_WIN32_DIR/lib and cd to that directory. Run i686-w64-mingw32-dlltool -U -d libspotify.def -l libspotify.a

Back in the src/ directory run make OS=win32. Copy the libspotify_plugin.dll to the windows systems vlc/plugins/access/ folder


Start VLC and find the spotify preferences and set the option(s) accordingly.

Start from gui: File -> Open Network Stream -> spotify://spotify:track:6wNTqBF2Y69KG9EPyj9YJD -> Play

Or from command line: vlc spotify://spotify:track:6wNTqBF2Y69KG9EPyj9YJD

vlc-spotify also supports https://open.spotify.com/ URLs.


GNU LGPL 2.1. See the file LICENSE.