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Paradox Material Theme

A Material Design theme for Paradox, a static site generator geared towards project documentation. It is based on the excellent MkDocs Material, which is built using Google's Material Design guidelines.

Paradox Material Theme

See the documentation for how to start using the theme.

Licenses and copyrights

Many thanks to Martin Donath for creating the MkDocs Material theme on which this project is based. This goes for the stylesheet and javascript artifacts, the HTML templates as well as the great documentation:

Copyright (c) 2016-2018 Martin Donath
License: MIT

Integration and adaptation for use with Paradox:

Copyright (c) 2017-2018 Jonas Fonseca
License: MIT

The theme also uses the tabs component from Material Components for the web (Apache-2.0), Modernizr (available under BSD/MIT licenses), Prettify (Apache-2.0), Material Icon font (Apache-2.0), and FontAwesome (SIL Open Font License). Optionally, it can load fonts, like the Roboto font (Apache-2.0), from Google's font CDN. All copyright of their respective authors.