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Paradox Material Theme

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Beautiful project documentation

Paradox Material Theme is a theme for Paradox, a static site generator geared towards project documentation. It is based on the excellent MkDocs Material theme which is built using Google's Material Design guidelines.

Material for MkDocs

Quick start

Install the latest version of the theme by adding the following line to your project's project/plugins.sbt:

@@@ vars

addSbtPlugin("io.github.jonas" % "sbt-paradox-material-theme" % "$project.version$")


And enabling the theme plugin in your project's build.sbt:

@@ snip build.sbt { #enable-plugin }

For detailed instructions see the @ref:getting started guide.

What to expect

  • Responsive design and fluid layout for all kinds of screens and devices, designed to serve your project documentation in a user-friendly way with optimal readability.

  • Easily customizable primary and accent color, fonts, favicon and logo; integrated with Google Analytics and GitHub.

  • Well-designed search interface accessible through hotkeys (F or S), intelligent grouping of search results, search term highlighting and lazy loading.

  • Support most Paradox features except for groups.

The @ref:specimen pages show examples of the theme in action, such as callouts and tabbed snippets.