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jonas committed Aug 27, 2018
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@@ -24,10 +24,10 @@ Integration and adaptation for use with Paradox:
License: MIT
The theme also uses the tabs component from [Material Components for the web] (Apache-2.0),
[Modernizr] (available under BSD/MIT licenses) and [Prettify] (Apache-2.0).
In addition, it loads the [Roboto font] (Apache-2.0), the [Material Icon font] (Apache-2.0),
as well as [FontAwesome] (SIL Open Font License) from various CDNs. All copyright
of their respective authors.
[Modernizr] (available under BSD/MIT licenses), [Prettify] (Apache-2.0),
[Material Icon font] (Apache-2.0), and [FontAwesome] (SIL Open Font License).
Optionally, it can load fonts, like the [Roboto font] (Apache-2.0), from Google's font CDN.
All copyright of their respective authors.
[Paradox Material Theme]:

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