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# Tig default configuration
# Please see 'man tigrc' for a complete reference.
# Settings
# --------
# Most of these settings can be toggleable, either via the toggle-*
# actions or via the option menu (bound to `o` by default).
# View settings
# Supported column types and their options:
# author
# - display (enum) [no|full|abbreviated|email|email-user]
# : Show author information?
# - width (int) : Fixed width when nonzero
# - maxwidth (int) : Autosize limit
# commit-title
# - display (bool) : Show the commit title?
# - graph (enum) [no|v2|v1] : Show the commit graph? (main view only)
# - refs (bool) : Show branches, tags and remotes? (main view only)
# - overflow (boolint) : Highlight overflows? Defaults to 50 when enabled.
# date
# - display (enum) [no|default|relative|relative-compact|custom]
# : Show dates?
# - local (bool) : Show local dates?
# - format (string) : Custom strftime(3) format
# Note: %Z is formatted as %z
# - width (int) : Fixed width when nonzero
# file-name
# - display (enum) [no|always|auto] : Show file names?
# - width (int) : Fixed width when nonzero
# - maxwidth (int) : Autosize limit
# file-size
# - display (enum) [no|default|units]
# : Show file sizes?
# - width (int) : Fixed width when nonzero
# id
# - display (bool) : Show commit/tree ID?
# - width (int) : Fixed width when nonzero
# line-number
# - display (bool) : Show line numbers?
# - interval (int) : Interval between line numbers; defaults to 5
# - width (int) : Fixed width when nonzero
# mode
# - display (bool) : Show file modes?
# - width (int) : Fixed width when nonzero
# ref
# - display (bool) : Show ref names?
# - width (int) : Fixed width when nonzero
# - maxwidth (int) : Autosize limit
# status
# - display (enum) [no|short|long] : Show status label?
# text
# - display (bool) : Show text?
# - commit-title-overflow (boolint) : Highlight overflow in log and diff view?
set blame-view = id:yes,color file-name:auto author:full date:default line-number:yes,interval=1 text
set grep-view = file-name:no line-number:yes,interval=1 text
set main-view = line-number:no,interval=5 id:no date:default author:full commit-title:yes,graph,refs,overflow=no
set refs-view = line-number:no id:no date:default author:full ref commit-title
set stash-view = line-number:no,interval=5 id:no date:default author:full commit-title
set status-view = line-number:no,interval=5 status:short file-name
set tree-view = line-number:no,interval=5 mode author:full file-size date:default id:no file-name
# Pager based views
set pager-view = line-number:no,interval=5 text
set stage-view = line-number:no,interval=5 text
set log-view = line-number:no,interval=5 text
set blob-view = line-number:no,interval=5 text
set diff-view = line-number:no,interval=5 text:yes,commit-title-overflow=no
# UI display settings
set show-changes = yes # Show changes commits in the main view?
set wrap-lines = no # Wrap long lines in pager views?
set tab-size = 8 # Number of spaces to use when expanding tabs
set line-graphics = default # Enum: ascii, default, utf-8
set truncation-delimiter = ~ # Character drawn for truncations, or "utf-8"
# Format reference names based on type.
# - head : The current HEAD.
# - tag : A signed tag.
# - local-tag : An unsigned tag.
# - remote : A remote.
# - tracked-remote : The remote tracked by current HEAD.
# - replace : A replaced reference.
# - branch : Any other reference.
# If no format is defined for `local-tag` then the one for `tag` is used.
# Similarly, `remote` is used if no `tracked-remote` format exists.
# Prefix with `hide:` to not show that reference type, e.g. `hide:remote`.
# Expects a space-separated list of format strings.
set reference-format = [branch] <tag> {remote} ~replace~
# Settings controlling how content is read from Git
set commit-order = auto # Enum: auto, default, topo, date, reverse (main)
set status-show-untracked-dirs = yes # Show files in untracked directories? (status)
set status-show-untracked-files = yes # Show untracked files?
set ignore-space = no # Enum: no, all, some, at-eol (diff)
set show-notes = yes # When non-bool passed as `--show-notes=...` (diff)
#set diff-context = 3 # Number of lines to show around diff changes (diff)
#set diff-options = -C # User-defined options for `tig show` (git-diff)
#set diff-highlight = true # String (or bool): Path to diff-highlight script,
# defaults to `diff-highlight`.
#set blame-options = -C -C -C # User-defined options for `tig blame` (git-blame)
#set log-options = --pretty=raw # User-defined options for `tig log` (git-log)
#set main-options = -n 1000 # User-defined options for `tig` (git-log)
#set mailmap = yes # Use .mailmap to show canonical name and email address
# Misc
set refresh-mode = auto # Enum: manual, auto, after-command, periodic
set refresh-interval = 10 # Interval in seconds between refreshes
set ignore-case = no # Enum: no, yes, smart-case
# Ignore case when searching? Smart-case option will
set wrap-search = yes # Wrap around to top/bottom of view when searching
set focus-child = yes # Move focus to child view when opened?
set send-child-enter = yes # Propagate "enter" keypresses to child views?
set horizontal-scroll = 50% # Number of columns to scroll as % of width
set split-view-height = 67% # Height of the bottom view for horizontal splits
set vertical-split = auto # Enum: horizontal, vertical, auto; Use auto to
# switch to horizontal split when width allows it
set split-view-width = 50% # Width of right-most view for vertical splits
set editor-line-number = yes # Automatically pass line number to editor? Used
# for opening file at specific line e.g. from a diff
set history-size = 500 # Size of persistent history, 0 to disable
set mouse = no # Enable mouse support?
set mouse-scroll = 3 # Number of lines to scroll via the mouse
set mouse-wheel-cursor = no # Prefer moving the cursor to scrolling the view?
# User-defined commands
# ---------------------
# These commands allow to run shell commands directly from within Tig.
# Unless otherwise specified, commands are run in the foreground with
# their console output shown (as if '!' was specified). When multiple
# command options are specified their behavior are combined, e.g. "?<git
# commit" will prompt the user whether to execute the command and will
# exit Tig after completion.
# ! Run the command in the foreground with output shown.
# @ Run the command in the background with no output.
# ? Prompt the user before executing the command.
# < Exit Tig after executing the command.
# > Re-open Tig instantly in the last displayed view after executing the command.
# User-defined commands can optionally refer to Tig's internal state
# using the following variable names, which are substituted before
# commands are run:
# %(head) The current ref ID. Defaults to HEAD
# %(commit) The current commit ID.
# %(blob) The current blob ID.
# %(branch) The current branch name.
# %(remote) The current remote name.
# %(tag) The current tag name.
# %(stash) The current stash name.
# %(directory) The current directory path in the tree view;
# empty for the root directory.
# %(file) The currently selected file.
# %(ref) The reference given to blame or HEAD if undefined.
# %(revargs) The revision arguments passed on the command line.
# %(fileargs) The file arguments passed on the command line.
# %(cmdlineargs) All other options passed on the command line.
# %(diffargs) The diff options from `diff-options` or `TIG_DIFF_OPTS`
# %(prompt) Prompt for the argument value.
bind main C ?git cherry-pick %(commit)
bind status C !git commit
bind stash A ?git stash apply %(stash)
bind stash P ?git stash pop %(stash)
bind stash ! ?git stash drop %(stash)
bind refs C ?git checkout %(branch)
bind refs ! ?git branch -D %(branch)
# Normal commands
# ---------------
# View switching
bind generic m view-main
bind generic d view-diff
bind generic l view-log
bind generic t view-tree
bind generic f view-blob
bind generic b view-blame
bind generic r view-refs
bind generic p view-pager
bind generic h view-help
bind generic s view-status
bind generic S view-status # Compat binding to avoid going crazy!
bind generic c view-stage
bind generic y view-stash
bind generic g view-grep
# View manipulation
bind generic <Enter> enter # Enter and open selected entry
bind generic <Lt> back # Go back to the previous view state
bind generic <Down> next # Move to next
bind generic <C-N> next
bind generic J next
bind generic <Up> previous # Move to previous
bind generic <C-P> previous
bind generic K previous
bind generic , parent # Move to parent
bind generic <Tab> view-next # Move focus to the next view
bind generic R refresh # Reload and refresh view
bind generic <F5> refresh
bind generic O maximize # Maximize the current view
bind generic q view-close # Close the current view
bind generic Q quit # Close all views and quit
bind generic <C-C> quit # Close all views and quit
# View specific
bind status u status-update # Stage/unstage changes in file
bind status ! status-revert # Revert changes in file
bind status M status-merge # Open git-mergetool(1)
#bind status ??? :toggle status # Show short or long status labels
bind stage u status-update # Stage/unstage current diff (c)hunk
bind stage 1 stage-update-line # Stage/unstage current line
bind stage ! status-revert # Revert current diff (c)hunk
bind stage \ stage-split-chunk # Split current diff (c)hunk
bind stage @ :/^@@ # Jump to next (c)hunk
bind stage [ :toggle diff-context -1 # Decrease the diff context
bind stage ] :toggle diff-context +1 # Increase the diff context
bind diff @ :/^@@ # Jump to next (c)hunk
bind diff [ :toggle diff-context -1
bind diff ] :toggle diff-context +1
bind main G :toggle commit-title-graph # Toggle revision graph visualization
bind main F :toggle commit-title-refs # Toggle reference display (tags/branches)
# Cursor navigation
bind generic j move-down
bind generic k move-up
bind generic <C-D> move-half-page-down
bind generic <C-U> move-half-page-up
bind generic <PgDown> move-page-down
bind generic <Space> move-page-down
bind generic <PgUp> move-page-up
bind generic - move-page-up
bind generic <Home> move-first-line
bind generic <End> move-last-line
# Scrolling
bind generic | scroll-first-col
bind generic <Left> scroll-left
bind generic <Right> scroll-right
bind generic <Ins> scroll-line-up
bind generic <C-Y> scroll-line-up
bind generic <Del> scroll-line-down
bind generic <C-E> scroll-line-down
bind generic <SBack> scroll-page-up
bind generic <SFwd> scroll-page-down
# Searching
bind generic / search
bind generic ? search-back
bind generic n find-next
bind generic N find-prev
# Navigation keys used while searching
bind search <Down> find-next
bind search <C-N> find-next
bind search <C-J> find-next
bind search <Up> find-prev
bind search <C-P> find-prev
bind search <C-K> find-prev
bind search <C-C> view-close
# Option manipulation
bind generic o options # Open the options menu
# Bindings for toggling settings
bind generic I :toggle sort-order # Toggle ascending/descending sort order
bind generic i :toggle sort-field # Toggle field to sort by
bind generic <Hash> :toggle line-number # Toggle line numbers
bind generic D :toggle date # Toggle date display
bind generic A :toggle author # Toggle author display
bind generic ~ :toggle line-graphics # Toggle (line) graphics mode
bind generic F :toggle file-name # Toggle file name display
# bind generic ??? :toogle show-changes # Toggle local changes display in the main view
bind generic W :toggle ignore-space # Toggle ignoring whitespace in diffs
# bind generic ? :toggle commit-order # Toggle commit ordering
bind generic X :toggle id # Toggle commit ID display
bind generic $ :toggle commit-title-overflow
# Toggle highlighting of commit title overflow
# bind generic ??? :toggle file-size # Toggle file size format
# bind generic ??? :toggle status # Toggle status display
# bind generic ??? :toggle status-show-untracked-dirs
# Toggle display of file in untracked directories
# bind generic ??? :toggle vertical-split # Toggle vertical split
bind generic % :toggle file-filter
# Misc
bind generic e edit # Open in editor
bind generic : prompt # Open the prompt
bind generic <C-L> screen-redraw # Redraw the screen
bind generic z stop-loading # Stop all loading views
bind generic v show-version # Show Tig version
# Colors
# ------
# The colors in the UI can be customized. In addition to the colors used
# for the UI you can also define new colors to use in the pager, blob,
# diff, and stage views by placing the text to match for in quotes.
# Prefix the name of a view to set a color only for that view, e.g.
# color grep.file blue default
# As an example, this setting will to color Signed-off-by lines with a
# yellow foreground color and use the default background color.
# color " Signed-off-by" yellow default
# Note the four leading spaces in the string to match. This is because
# Git automatically indents commit messages by four spaces.
color "---" blue default
color "diff --" yellow default
color "--- " yellow default
color "+++ " yellow default
color "@@" magenta default
color "+" green default
color " +" green default
color "-" red default
color " -" red default
color "index " blue default
color "old file mode " yellow default
color "new file mode " yellow default
color "deleted file mode " yellow default
color "copy from " yellow default
color "copy to " yellow default
color "rename from " yellow default
color "rename to " yellow default
color "similarity " yellow default
color "dissimilarity " yellow default
color "diff-tree " blue default
color "Author: " cyan default
color "Commit: " magenta default
color "Tagger: " magenta default
color "Merge: " blue default
color "Date: " yellow default
color "AuthorDate: " yellow default
color "CommitDate: " yellow default
color "TaggerDate: " yellow default
color "Refs: " red default
color "Reflog: " red default
color "Reflog message: " yellow default
color "stash@{" magenta default
color "commit " green default
color "parent " blue default
color "tree " blue default
color "author " green default
color "committer " magenta default
color " Signed-off-by" yellow default
color " Acked-by" yellow default
color " Tested-by" yellow default
color " Reviewed-by" yellow default
color default default default normal
color cursor white green bold
color status green default
color delimiter magenta default
color date blue default
color mode cyan default
color id magenta default
color overflow red default
color header yellow default
color section cyan default
color directory yellow default
color file default default
color grep.file blue default
color file-size default default
color line-number cyan default
color title-blur white blue
color title-focus white blue bold
color main-commit default default
color main-tag magenta default bold
color main-local-tag magenta default
color main-remote yellow default
color main-replace cyan default
color main-tracked yellow default bold
color main-ref cyan default
color main-head cyan default bold
color stat-none default default
color stat-staged magenta default
color stat-unstaged magenta default
color stat-untracked magenta default
color help-group blue default
color help-action yellow default
color diff-stat blue default
color diff-add-highlight green default standout
color diff-del-highlight red default standout
color palette-0 magenta default
color palette-1 yellow default
color palette-2 cyan default
color palette-3 green default
color palette-4 default default
color palette-5 white default
color palette-6 red default
color palette-7 magenta default bold
color palette-8 yellow default bold
color palette-9 cyan default bold
color palette-10 green default bold
color palette-11 default default bold
color palette-12 white default bold
color palette-13 red default bold
color graph-commit blue default
color search-result black yellow
# Mappings for colors read from git configuration.
# Set to "no" to disable.
set git-colors = \
branch.current=main-head \
branch.local=main-ref \
branch.plain=main-ref \
branch.remote=main-remote \
diff.meta=diff-header \
diff.meta=diff-index \
diff.meta=diff-oldmode \
diff.meta=diff-newmode \
diff.frag=diff-chunk \
diff.old=diff-del \ \
diff-highlight.oldHighlight=diff-del-highlight \
diff-highlight.newHighlight=diff-add-highlight \
grep.filename=grep.file \
grep.linenumber=grep.line-number \
grep.separator=grep.delimiter \
status.branch=status.header \
status.added=stat-staged \
status.updated=stat-staged \
status.changed=stat-unstaged \