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Simple git tree view with selectable nodes #117

cannyboy opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I've asked a question here, about having a selectable nodes of a git tree:

Is this possible with tig? I know you can toggle items in the main display off, so all that's is left is:

* Added another file
* Added file

.. but even this is not minimalist enough for me.

Is it possible to have it just dots:

| \
*  *

.. and when a dot has to cursor on it, the commit message is shown at the bottom of the screen. Then I can hit return to get the full details as normal.


No, this is not possible. You would have to do something like the following:

diff --git a/tig.c b/tig.c
index 05020a9..31e5445 100644
--- a/tig.c
+++ b/tig.c
@@ -7344,7 +7344,7 @@ main_draw(struct view *view, struct line *line, unsigned int lineno)
        if (draw_refs(view, commit->refs))
                return TRUE;

-       draw_text(view, LINE_DEFAULT, commit->title);
+       //draw_text(view, LINE_DEFAULT, commit->title);
        return TRUE;

I must admit that having just dots seems like a waste of space. ;)


Plus, tig's graph rendering can't handle complex DAGs with lots of cross merges etc.

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