Feature Request: Step forwards through a file's history in blame view. #124

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tig supports stepping backwards through a file's history in a blame view, but not forwards.

  • 'B' Step backwards to the revision of the currently selected line.
  • ',' Step backwards to first parent of revision of selected line.
  • Stepping forwards in time is absent, though. After having stepped backwards, it would be nice to be able to return to where we were, including stepping repeatedly until arriving back at the initial revision shown in blame.

So a kind of back button behavior where it remembers the commit and the line number?



@jonas jonas added a commit that closed this issue Oct 5, 2013
@jonas Implement navigating back to previous view state in the blame view
Use the new view history API to track the previous blamed revisions when
navigating to the blame information for the current file. Data for the
current blame view is stored inside the view state and pushed onto the
stack when reloading another blamed revision from inside the blame view.

This also improves error messages when trying to reloading the blamed
revision currently displayed as well as navigating back in views that
does not support it.

Note, that the back action (REQ_BACK) acts similar to REQ_PARENT in the
tree view.

Fixes #124
Fixes #139
@jonas jonas closed this in ff90858 Oct 5, 2013

Please let me know if you have ideas, like improving the default keybinding '<'.

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