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color-words support #47

Oblomov opened this Issue · 12 comments

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Currently, tig has no support for color-words in diffs. In fact, starting tig wit the --color-words option fails with "No revisions match the given argument" (which is quite misleading as error message).

This should probably be consiered a long-term TODO, as it requires some heavy-duty re-engineering of the diff view, especially with respect to highlighting. Also, color-word support would require massaging the input parameters, since the word-diff option should always be turned into 'porcelain'.


While looking at issue #26, I have been looking into adding support for --word-diff=porcelain as a way to provide side-by-side diff support. AFAIK, the parsing of the word diff can be shared, but will require different rendering methods. So yeah, I agree that it will require some work to get proper highlighting. For example, the line->data member will probably have to become a struct of line boxes on which we can attach color and length information. Since the diff view shares a lot of code with the pager and stage view it probably makes sense to also use this line box struct for all the current 'pager-based' views.


+1 --color-words


Yes, great goal!


Would also be great if this supported --word-regex as well. It's sometimes nice to do a character diff. This would be a handy toggle setting too.

Line Diff -> Word Diff -> Character Diff


Okay, I got ahead of myself. After learning a bit more. Porcelain support looks like it would be great. Github seems to have this dialed in, so hopefully using something like they do would be helpful :)


Support for word-diff would be just awesome!


+1 for this feature. In the meantime I helped myself with an external command to have easy access to the output from within tig.

status= W !git diff --color-words --cached %(file)
@vivien vivien referenced this issue

--word-diff #221


+1 --color-words


+1, this would make diffs much easier!







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