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A library for Codeigniter with different features around galleries.
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A library for Codeigniter which offers different features around galleries.

Jonas Bay - 02.11.2017

Still work in Progress!

-- FILES Gallery.php => This is the library gallery.php => This is the configuration-file _base_template.html => base template _template.html => a template for each gallery attributes.txt => a txt-file for each gallery with the attributes specified in the configuration-file


  1. Put Gallery.php in your library-folder
  2. Put gallery.php in your config-folder
  3. Don't forget to load the config (either through autoloading or through $this->load->config)
  4. Load the library: $this->load->library('gallery', NULL, 'my_gallery');
  5. Be sure you set the right path in your config file
  6. Call the function you need with $this->my_gallery->


The following options can be specified in the configuration-file: gallery_folder => The folder in which all the galleries are stored gallery_thumbnail_with => the width of the thumbnails which are created by the class gallery_attributes => an array with all the attributes which are stored in the attributes.txt-files Default: title => title of the gallery date => date of the gallery (must be a format which strtotime can convert) show => Can be used to switch galleries on and off title_image => specifies a title_image which can be used in a gallery-overview




Creates a gallery out of the photos which are located in the specified folder. Uses the template which is stored in the gallery-folder or the base-template. Returns an array with the following items: sMarkup => html-markup of the gallery aAttributes => All attributes of the gallery


Returns all Images (Just filenames) of a certain folder



Returns all folders in the gallery-folder with their attributes. Allows to exclude certain galleries. Returns an array with all folders. Each folder has the following items: folder => name of the folder attributes => array with all the attributes



Creates thumbnails for the specified folder and stores them in a thumb-folder inside the gallery-folder.

writeAttributes('folder_name', array('attributeA' => 'x', 'attributeB' => 'y', etc.))

replaces the attributes.txt inside of a folder with a new one with the keys and values inside the second parameter


reads the attributes from the attributes.txt inside of a folder. If the file doesn't exist it creates a new one with the keys and values out of the config file.

Feel free to add something or post any questions

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