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README for IWESOL - IWES Open Library
Copyright Fraunhofer IWES, Oldenburg, Germany
Date: 15 Feb 2014, author: Jonas Schmidt

IWESOL contains libraries and tools for C++ and OpenFOAM.
In the version available here it contains:

1) The application 'terrainBlockMesher'

    This tool for OpenFOAM generates structured meshes
    over complex terrain. The latter has to be provided
    in form of a STL data file. It features

      - the basic mesh generation (ie, the generation 
        of an extensive blockMeshDict file),

      - the creation of an outer box around the STL,

      - the creation of a cylinder around the STL, with
        an arbitrary number of sector patches,

      - the possibility to add symmetric and oval hills
        to the orography,

      MISSING: - the option to make the mesh cyclic,

      - the addition of grading stripes in (x,y) directions.

    The workflow is as follows:

      - First set up the dictionary file in your case folder
        'system/terrainBlockMesherDict'. For doing so, copy
        and paste and modify the tutorials' examples, located at

      - run 'terrainBlockMesher'. This creates and writes the mesh.

For installation instructions, consult the file

Thank you for using IWESOL. Please consider this a beta version and
send comments, bugs, complaints to .


Tools for OpenFOAM developed at Fraunhofer IWES in Oldenburg, Germany



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