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This is a WebRTC experiment to find out the feasibility of assembly "evaluation spaces" aggregating multiple browsers. It revisits ideas explored almost a decade ago in

Karpievitch YV, Almeida JS (2006) mGrid: a load-balanced distributed computing environment for the remote execution of the user-defined Matlab code. BMC Bioinformatics 7:139 PMID:16539707.

Please note this is just an experiment, for a more serious, robust, and scalable approach to browser based high performance computing (HPC) see instead Sean Wilkinson's QMachine:

Wilkinson S, JS Almeida (2014) QMachine: commodity supercomputing in web browsers. BMC Bioinformatics PMID:24913605. QMachine.org.

Note also that EvalSpace uses PeerJS webRTC signaling server ( thank you :-) ! ) where free API keys can be generated for up to 50 connections at a time.


  • [Sept23, 2013] First experiment creating multiple submitters and evaluators: YouTube.
  • ...

© Jonas S Almeida
Department of Pathology, Division of Informatics,
University of Alabama at Birmingham
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