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Fuel@OPNFV developers pipeline

Brief project description

This is a lightweight CI-engine (build-/deploy-/verify- engine) for Fuel@OPNFV. It requires an Ubuntu 14.04 server/desktop with at least 16 hyper-threads, 32 GByte of RAM and 1TB disk.


Version R1.0.0:

  • First version of the Fuel@OPNFV developer's pipeline is released, you can fetch it from here!
  • Service release 1 is scheduled for December 2016

Current status:

  • CI-Pipeline: Working
  • OPNFV@Fuel master: Generally working
  • OPNFV@Fuel stable/Arno: Generally working
  • OPNFV@Fuel arno.2015.1.0: Working
  • OPNFV@Fuel arno.2015.2.0: Working


Howto presentation

Youtube demonstration

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Project facts

Project name: Simple standalone OPNFV CI engine for Fuel and other OPNFV installers.


IRC: - (No project meetings as of now - we still communicate through github issues and commits)

Project lead (email/github id):

Collaborators (email/github id):

Project status: Non official/non commercial/non sponsored

Releases: Not released 1.0 release is scheduled for Mid October 2015 (2-3 weeks after the OPNFV Arno SR1 release)


You will find the Q&A session here

Howto report issues, or express whiches:

You can report any issues you experience-, or whiches on what you want to see next - here, but remember that this is a entirely un-sponsored open-source project, and the priorities are set by those who dedicate their spare time on this project, and if you can - why not contribute the fix your self?

Howto contribute:

You'll find the procedures on how to contribute or how to become a collaborator in the ONBOARDING.rst file. General github guidelines on contribution/fork/pull-request can be found here:


The roadmap will generally be synchronized with OPNFV release cadence (+/- 4 weeks).

  • 1.0 release is scheduled for Mid October 2015 (2-3 weeks after the OPNFV Arno SR1 release)
  • 1.1 Service release is scheduled for End November 2015 - And will support intermediate OPNFV project support for Fuel 7.0/OpenStack Kilo
  • 1.2 Service release is scheduled for end Jan 2016 - And will support intermediate OPNFV project support for Fuel 7.1/OpenStack Kilo
  • 2.0 Main release is scheduled for mid Mar 2016 - And will support OPNFV B-release for Fuel 8.0/OpenStack Liberty, also including a fully supported ci_pipeline dash-board.

An indication of near term road-map items/issues can be found here.


Licence terms for this project/repository, but excluding any and all references from this project (in text, automated by programatic code, or otherwise) can be found in the LICENCE.rst file.

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