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Comment out :eval-in-leiningen from project.clj so 'lein test' works …

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1 parent c02b221 commit 023add00fc1cac94ed554fbc31dea9068403d614 @jafingerhut jafingerhut committed Jan 13, 2014
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9 project.clj
@@ -12,8 +12,13 @@
;; Note: comment out the following line if you want to do 'lein
;; test' and get a Clojure version later than 1.5.1, even if you
;; have an explicit org.clojure/clojure in the :dependencies
- :eval-in-leiningen true
- ;; Eastwood may work with earlier Leininge versions, but this is
+ ;; Also: Having the following line uncommented causes a problem when
+ ;; doing 'lein test', I think because of a different version of
+ ;; core.cache or core.memoize on which the latest tools.analyzer.jvm
+ ;; 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT depends, versus what Leiningen itself probably
+ ;; depends on.
+;; :eval-in-leiningen true
+ ;; Eastwood may work with earlier Leiningen versions, but this is
;; close to the earliest version that it was most tested with.
:min-lein-version "2.3.0"
:resource-paths ["resource"])

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Yes, leiningen depends on stencil, stencil depends on core.cache 0.6.2.
See davidsantiago/stencil#18 this should be fixed in the next leiningen release.

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