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Add warning annotations for dorun

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1 parent ca4ab38 commit 87578c6bcd392bba9739d020bb8a445b38284fee @jafingerhut jafingerhut committed Jan 3, 2014
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@@ -227,7 +227,7 @@
clojure.core/distinct {:var-kind nil, :macro nil, :lazy false, :pure-fn true},
clojure.core/distinct? {:var-kind nil, :macro nil, :lazy false, :pure-fn true, :predicate true},
clojure.core/doall {:var-kind nil, :macro nil, :lazy false, :warn-if-ret-val-unused true}, ; TBD: Consider making a special warning just for this one, suggesting to use dorun instead if the return value is not needed, potentially saving memory
- clojure.core/dorun {:var-kind nil, :macro nil},
+ clojure.core/dorun {:var-kind nil, :macro nil, :lazy false, :warn-if-ret-val-unused false},
clojure.core/doseq {:var-kind nil, :macro true},
clojure.core/dosync {:var-kind nil, :macro true},
clojure.core/dotimes {:var-kind nil, :macro true},

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