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exclude-linters option doesn't seem to work #7

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Using Eastwood 0.0.2, Clojure 1.4 and lein2.

lein eastwood '{:exclude-linters [:misplaced-docstring]}'

at the command line

produces exactly the same output as lein eastwood (with tons of misplaced-docstring warnings).

Same thing when I added:

{:eastwood {:exclude-linters [:misplaced-docstring]}}

to my profiles.clj.

Am I doing anything obviously stupid?


The name of the linter is :misplaced-docstrings

@jonase jonase closed this

How embarrassing. Sorry for the bad report.


Ah, one small point: Is the "s" supposed to be missing in the :misplaced-docstring keyword on line 37 of linters/misc.clj? The report produced tells you that the linter is :misplaced-docstring instead of :misplaced-docstrings, which is what led me to miss that "s" in spite of looking at the source.

@jonase jonase referenced this issue from a commit
@jonase Fixed linter names, see #7 148dd4b


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