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(ns kibit.rules.misc
(:require [clojure.core.logic :as logic])
(:use [kibit.rules.util :only [defrules]]))
;; Returns true if symbol is of
;; form Foo or
(defn class-symbol? [sym]
(let [sym (pr-str sym)
idx (.lastIndexOf sym ".")]
(if (neg? idx)
(Character/isUpperCase (first sym))
(Character/isUpperCase (nth sym (inc idx))))))
(defrules rules
;; clojure.string
[(apply str (interpose ?x ?y)) (clojure.string/join ?x ?y)]
[(apply str (reverse ?x)) (clojure.string/reverse ?x)]
;; mapcat
[(apply concat (apply map ?x ?y)) (mapcat ?x ?y)]
[(apply concat (map ?x . ?y)) (mapcat ?x . ?y)]
;; filter
[(filter (complement ?pred) ?coll) (remove ?pred ?coll)]
[(filter (fn* [?x] (not (?pred ?x))) ?coll) (remove ?pred ?coll)]
[(filter (fn [?x] (not (?pred ?x))) ?coll) (remove ?pred ?coll)]
;; first/next shorthands
[(first (first ?coll)) (ffirst ?coll)]
[(first (next ?coll)) (fnext ?coll)]
[(next (next ?coll)) (nnext ?coll)]
[(next (first ?coll)) (nfirst ?coll)]
;; Unneeded anonymous functions
(let [fun (logic/lvar)
args (logic/lvar)]
[(fn [expr]
[(logic/== expr (list 'fn args (logic/llist fun args)))]
[(logic/== expr (list 'fn* args (logic/llist fun args)))])
(logic/pred fun #(or (keyword? %)
(and (symbol? %)
(not-any? #{\/ \.} (str %)))))))
#(logic/== % fun)])
;; Java stuff
[(.toString ?x) (str ?x)]
(let [obj (logic/lvar)
method (logic/lvar)
args (logic/lvar)]
(logic/== % (logic/llist '. obj method args))
(logic/pred obj (complement class-symbol?)))
#(logic/project [method args]
(let [s? (seq? method)
args (if s? (rest method) args)
method (if s? (first method) method)]
(logic/== % `(~(symbol (str "." method)) ~obj ~@args))))])
(let [klass (logic/lvar)
static-method (logic/lvar)
args (logic/lvar)]
(logic/== % (logic/llist '. klass static-method args))
(logic/pred klass class-symbol?))
#(logic/project [klass static-method args]
(let [s? (seq? static-method)
args (if s? (rest static-method) args)
static-method (if s? (first static-method) static-method)]
(logic/== % `(~(symbol (str klass "/" static-method)) ~@args))))])
;; Threading
(let [form (logic/lvar)
arg (logic/lvar)]
[#(logic/all (logic/== % (list '-> arg form)))
(fn [sbst]
(logic/pred form #(or (symbol? %) (keyword? %)))
(logic/== sbst (list form arg)))]
(logic/pred form seq?)
(logic/project [form]
(logic/== sbst (list* (first form) arg (rest form)))))]))])
(let [form (logic/lvar)
arg (logic/lvar)]
[#(logic/all (logic/== % (list '->> arg form)))
(fn [sbst]
(logic/pred form #(or (symbol? %) (keyword? %)))
(logic/== sbst (list form arg)))]
(logic/pred form seq?)
(logic/project [form]
(logic/== sbst (concat form (list arg)))))]))])
;; Other
[(not (some ?pred ?coll)) (not-any? ?pred ?coll)])
(apply concat (apply map f (apply str (interpose \, "Hello"))))
(filter (complement nil?) [1 2 3])
(.toString (apply str (reverse "Hello")))
(map (fn [x] (inc x)) [1 2 3])
(map (fn [x] (.method x)) [1 2 3])
(map #(dec %) [1 2 3])
(map #(.method %) [1 2 3])
(map #(Double/parseDouble %) [1 2 3])
(map (fn [x] (Integer/parseInteger x))
[1 2 3])
(map (fn [m] (:key m)) [some maps])
(map (fn [m] (:key m alt)) [a b c])
(. obj toString)
(. obj toString a b c)
(. Thread (sleep (read-string "2000")))
(. Thread sleep (read-string "2000"))
(-> x f) ;; (f x)
(-> x (f a b)) ;; (f x a b)
(-> x (f)) ;; (f x)
(->> x f) ;; (f x)
(->> x (f a b)) ;; (f a b x)
(->> x (f)) ;; (f x)
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